Photo Credit: Hillel Meir/TPS
Young people preparing to block the evacuation of a building in Netiv Ha'Avot, November, 2017.

The IDF Civil Administration on Monday approved the plan to build a temporary housing site for the residents of 15 homes that are to be evacuated and demolished in the Netiv Ha’avot neighborhood in Gush Etzion.

In addition, the sub-committee for the settlements of the Supreme Planning Council, in an exceptional second monthly meeting, approved a plan to build 68 housing units in the neighboring settlement of Elazar.


The headquarters of the Netiv Ha’Avot struggle issued a statement saying, “We welcome the approval of the temporary solution, but wish to clarify that the solution now approved is a temporary humanitarian response to the needs of the residents until Netiv Ha’Avot is regulated and the demand for hundreds of new housing units is approved.

A year later, the residents of Amona are still living in dorm rooms in Ofra.

“Unfortunately, this approval comes too late for the residents of Nativ Ha’avot whose home is supposed to be demolished in three weeks, and they will find themselves without a solution and without a roof over their heads until the end of the work in the approved solution, just like the residents of Amona, who have been homeless for a year at the Midrasha school in Ofra.

“The time has come for the Israeli government to take its citizens seriously.”