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Captured terrorist in Jerusalem on HaTzi street. Dec. 27, 2015

An IDF soldier was stabbed Sunday morning, around 6:40 AM, by an Arab terrorist, according to police.

The attack happened near the Center-1 shopping mall on Hatzvi street in Jerusalem, according to a TPS report.


A nearby civilian guard fired at the terrorist, but missed.

Despite missing with his first gunshot, the terrorist then surrendered to the guard. The terrorist was then arrested by police.

The soldier was taken to Hadassah hospital, and is now listed as lightly injured with stab wounds to his upper body.



  1. Yechiel, Please think that Jewish pride does not come from behaving as the uncivilized enemy. It is necessary to neutralize stabbings by destroying the houses of everyone in the family of the terrorists such as aunts, unlces and even cousins. The families will discourage terrorists because they will suffer if the criminal is not stopped.

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