Photo Credit: Olivier Fitoussi/Flash90
An Israeli government cabinet meeting. June 28, 2020

The government approved on Monday the appointment of several ministers following a court order forcing the government to fill the portfolios.

The appointments were approved during a phone conference call.


All the unfilled positions were previously held by members of government who switched parties or left politics in the last round of elections. Many of these ministries were created just months ago to serve political needs and are now being remerged with the ministries from which they came.

Minister Yoav Galant was appointed as Minister of Higher and Complementary Education in addition to his position as Minister of Education.

Minister Yuval Steinitz was announced Minister of Water Resources in addition to his position as Minister of Energy.

Minister Michael Bitton was appointed Minister of Social Equality in addition to his position as Minister of Strategic Affairs and Minister of Civil and Social Affairs in the Ministry of Defense.

Minister Hili Tropper is now the Minister of Science and Technology in addition to his position as Minister of Culture and Sports.

Member of Knesset Eitan Ginzburg was appointed as Minister of Communications.

None of these appointments are potentially long-term as this government is slated to dissolve in the coming weeks in favor of a new government, assuming it one gets formed.


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