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An Israeli nonprofit organization dedicated to helping children and adults with severe disabilities is launching an accessibility design contest to celebrate Jewish Disability Awareness, Acceptance and Inclusion Month (It’s in February – did you know that?)

The ADI-Israel organization (Ability.Diversity.Inclusion) provides residential and rehabilitative care for people with severe disabilities. ADI also serves as an international advocate for disability inclusion, equity and access, according to Elie Klein, the organization’s director of development.


This month, he said, the organization has launched its “Make the Change Challenge,” an accessibility design contest for students in the US and Canada that draws attention to the inaccessibility of most places around the world, and “our communal responsibility to make a change.”

For years, says Klein, ADI’s “culture of kindness, compassion and empathy has paved the way for disability inclusion in Israel. Now our ADI Bechinuch programming is allowing us to take our advocacy to the next level by making a difference for individuals with disabilities around the globe,” he adds, and says the new contest is really intended to “encourage the next generation of Jewish leaders to be thoughtful, sympathetic and to see the world through the eyes of others.”

To learn more, contact the organization here.


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