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File photo of Jonathan Pollard in prison.

Jonathan Pollard (60) was hospitalized on Friday after losing consciousness. It is not yet known why he collapsed.

Jonathan’s wife Esther was told that he was taken from his cell to the hospital.


Pollard has been in very bad health for the past few years, and getting worse.

Pollard has spent the last 30 years in jail for spying for Israel.

Last month the parole board and US Justice Department rejected his parole.

His Hebrew name for your prayers is: Yonasan ben Malka.



  1. So sad prey for him and his family
    He is a true Jewish hero and contributed greatly to the defence and protection of Israel and all Jews world wide should appreciate his sacrifice
    To keep Israel a strategic nuclear power. …Our enimies fear to anger us because he protected us all.

  2. Our gov’t calls him a traitor. He is not the one who systematically stabs our allys in the back, who gives our secrets to nations that openly call us the enemy, who has spent the last six years tearing down every point of power and prestige this land ever had.

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