Photo Credit: Poria Hospital
Rotem Aharoni

A Jordanian man, age 25, that infiltrated into Israel threw a rock at an Israeli woman driving along Road 90, south of the Kinneret.

The driver crashed into the side rail and the Jordanian man tried to force her out of her car. The woman, Roten Aharoni, age 23, fought back and the man gave up and then tried his luck with another vehicle that had stopped to help.


After failing to get the second car’s door open, the Jordanian man ran away.

A third car arrived and called the police.

The woman was taken to Poria hospital in Tiberias.

Around an hour later, the Jordanian man showed up heading towards Kibbutz Degania Bet. A kibbutz guard saw him and when the man refused to stop, the guard shot him in the lower body.

Police arrested the Jordanian citizen.

The IDF said the man is mentally ill, and he crossed over from Jordan this morning.


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  1. Highly likely that he IS deranged as Jordanians generally do not infiltrate Israel and attack Israelis. Yes many Arabs are savages but we cannot afford to hate indiscriminately because if we do there is no incentive and no hope for any of them to change.

  2. Ofra Bendavid I was hypocryte. Israel missed the chance to overthrown the hachemite kingdom in 1968 when it came to the rescue of the little king who turned out to be the most virulent idiot attacking Israel just recently about occupying the holliest of the holliest G-d's real estate, the site of the temple. Israel is as usual mum. Sourde-Muette.

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