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US Secy of State John Kerry and Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif shake hands.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry spoke directly to Israelis on television Saturday night to denounce what he called “hysteria” over the emerging deal with Iran to ensure it does not reach nuclear capability.

The question is: Who is more hysterical, opponents to the deal, whom Iran is helping with increasingly belligerency, or the Obama administration that is offering the same sales pitch every day?


Two days after Vice-President Joe Biden told a Washington-based think tank that the proposed deal is not about trust but about verifications of Iran’s nuclear development, Kerry told Israel’s Channel that Israel can be assured that “we will be able to know what Iran is doing and prevent them from getting a nuclear weapon.”

He said:

There’s a lot of hysteria about this deal. People really need to look at the facts, and they need to look at the science behind those facts.

It is not clear what he meant by “science” unless he was referring to the promises that inspectors will be on duty “24/7” in Iran, which for years has pulled the wool over the eyes of every United Nations effort to inspect what is going in at its nuclear facilities, at least the one which are known.

Kerry stated Saturday night, “I say this again – we will not sign a deal that does not close off Iran’s pathways to a bomb and that doesn’t give us the confidence – to all of our experts and global experts – that we will be able to know what Iran is doing and prevent them from getting a nuclear weapon….

“We will have inspectors in there every single day. That’s not a 10-year deal. That’s forever. There have to be inspections.”

Iran last month declared categorically that no inspectors will be allowed at its military sites.

Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces, Maj. Gen. Hassan Fairuz Abadi declared:

The armed forces will not allow anyone to enter military sites.

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei ruled out any “extraordinary supervision measures.”

President Obama has dismisses Iran’s statements that contradict last month’s temporary agreement as nothing more than talk for domestic use only.



  1. He and this entire administration have pandered, catered and bowed down to Iran and radical Islam for the entire time in office. I am sick and tired of the apologizer in Chief talking bad about America and weakening us in every way. Please remove and discard these American transformers and bring us a restorative leader

  2. I LOVE JEWS in that if any war break out in the Holy Land,is still my willing to be in front but allow me to say “The land was married long time ago” in that Israel was not created to be destroyed by any bomb but the greatest bomb to destroy Israel will be THE TRUTH.

  3. Ummmm? Origin of HYSTERIA

    New Latin, from English hysteric, adjective, from Latin hystericus, from Greek hysterikos, from hystera womb; from the Greek notion that hysteria was peculiar to women and caused by disturbances of the uterus
    First Known Use: 1801.

  4. I read your article. I can tell you what these inspections will be like. We used to live out in the woods of the Florida panhandle. I would be there alone during the day with whatever babies were’t old enough to go to school while my husband was in town working. He was chief of police where we lived. One day a guy carrying a clip board came to the door and said “I need to come in and inspect your house for tax assesments” (he was the US) I said “Fine. You go out and stand on the road and look at my house and assess it,” and I slammed the door shut and locked it. (I was iran) He stood on the road and looked at my house and was unable to assess the improvements we had made.

  5. Kerry, is a deluded, weak, evil and immoral fool. He will burn in Hell. God dam him and all those like him. Their God is the Devil. Those who fail to learn from histroy are truly ignorant. The U.S. saved Europe in WW2 and helped to rebulid them but, few learned from the expreince. Attempting to placate the Nazi’s failed. Attempting to placate terroist and Iran will fail. May God send to all to Hell. The sooner the better. I opose violence and believe that God will punish them all while we watch. Civilized humanity should unite and eradicate every terrorist on Earth.

  6. This is not a good deal for the US or the Middle East- the fact that his daughters in-laws have contacts thru out Iran- the fact that they are holding 4 of our citizens- the fact that so much US money is to be given to them – no this is not a good deal. His family connections stand to profit or give the appearance of doing so- this is a no brainer- it does not help that he keeps invoking the name of Allah either

  7. You may hear them harshly speaking to the public and think they are great enemies but; What’s?? The Chief Rabbi and the political leader of the Holy Land are of ONE MIND with Barack Obama.Everything is planned on one table in the underground city.

  8. do you know im a conservative republican a Christian a women and a baby boomer I believe in the republican ideology I give a hand up I do not believe in the demarcates a hand out and every time I vote I never ever vote along party lines I look at each and every one by what they say and what they have done….. in the end im an American… I bleed red white and blue and I vote ….when I choose my future employee.. I do so by ethics -values- Morales- principles …I vote for me I vote for my state I vote for my country…. hoping my 1 vote …just 1 little tiny vote…will be for the best man or women I could find for me- to find for my country- so as you see if 2016 does come..I doubt it… I would vote for Allen west- trey gowdy -rand Paul- and if the lady ….that has balls- guts- and glory… Sarah Palin… ran I vote for her also… but I don’t think we will have a 2016 vote ..cause Jeb a loser Hillary’s a loser.. both are spaced out cadets.. delusional and out of touch with I guess it will go jade helm…. that’s why jade helms is early…….

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