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An island formed as the Kinneret water continue to recede in 2018

Israelis breathed a sigh of relief this week as the water level of Lake Kinneret, also known as the Sea of Galilee, rose again this weekend after another downpour.

The Water Authority reported Tuesday morning that the water level of the lake had risen by an additional 10 centimeters in the past 24 hours, to reach 211.86 meters below sea level.


The water in the lake has risen a total of 2.8 meters (9.2 feet) since the start of winter.

The lake still needs another 3.06 meters of water in order to reach its full level, however.

By the end of last summer, an island had appeared in the center of the lake, indicating that the water level had dropped to a dangerous low.

When the level of the lake is close to the “black line,” as it was last summer, it is no longer possible to draw any water from the lake without creating permanent damage to the pumps and the ecology of the area.

Much of the water used by Israel at that point was desalinated and processed water as a result.