Police Carry Out Eviction of Barricaded Shimon HaTzadik Family, 18 Arrested

A large number of police officers arrived at the compound at 3:30 AM and evacuated the tenants.

Lapid Blocks Vote on Citizenship & Entry Law after Shaked Adopts Opposition MK’s Version

The Citizenship Law could serve as the bridge for future peace among the four right-wing Zionist parties in and out of the coalition.

Jerusalem Arab Barricaded on Rooftop Threatens to Blow Up his Family as Police Attempt...

The father of a Shimon HaTzadik neighborhood family fortified himself on the roof of the house with his children and a gas cylinder.

1,200 Yeshiva Students Bypass Army Blockade to Celebrate Seder Tu B’Shvat in Homesh

On Sunday morning, the family went up to Yehuda's grave, on the thirtieth anniversary of his murder.

Freed Hostage Rabbi Demanded Israel Drop Sovereignty Plans in the Settlements

Before I add a sour note to the discussion, I should probably stipulate that Charlie Cytron-Walker must be a nice guy and well-liked in his community.

Over Shabbat, Arabs Uproot Trees Planted by Efrat Residents

On Thursday night, Arab farmers secretly planted a massive grove of olive trees along the northern border of Efrat's Dagan neighborhood to illegally grab the land.

Minister Kahana: Netanyahu Failed to Rebuild Homesh Under Trump – He Expects Us to...

Someone should mention that the bulk of the blame for the way things stand today at Homesh rests with former prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Watch: The Latest on the Negev Tree Planting War

It's time to restore the Zionist vision to its proper place in public policy.

Minister Elkin: Negev Tree Planting Continues Despite Ra’am’s Objections; Lapid: OK to Suspend

You just know that once Lapid becomes the PM, the order to halt the tree planting will come down so fast, it'll stir up a Negev dust storm.

It’s Starting: Supreme Court Rejects Government’s Ban on Arab Families’ Reunification Citing Law’s Termination

The judge was right, of course. You can't run a country based on phantom laws. Say hello to your new Palestinian neighbors…

KKL-JNF Continues Holy Work of Planting Trees in the Negev Despite Arab Outrage, Violence

Between 13 and 25 acres of trees were planted during the day Monday, out of a total of about 250 acres to be planted in the coming season.

Peace Now Warns: Municipality Approved 3,557 Housing Units in Eastern Jerusalem

Mind you, these plans are in neighborhoods that have been part of "Israel proper" for more than fifty years.

Myopic AP Report Equates Precarious Reform Deal with the Kotel’s Future

A decisive majority of American Jews support the adversaries of Israel.

Yamina MK’s Ultimatum: No Improvements for Jewish Outposts – No Electricity to Illegal Arab...

The Taha version of the new bill allows dwellers whose homes had been slated for demolition to go ahead and connect to the grid.

Knesset Debated Future of Judea and Samaria Outposts on Eve of Homesh Demolition

MK Yuli-Yoel Edelstein (Likud) said, "In the meantime, the young settlement enterprise has aged a lot."

Days After the Murder, Bennett Government Demolishes Parts of Homesh

To make sure it stays the Knesset would have to overturn the 2005 Disengagement Act, which Netanyahu could have done in his 11 years in power and didn't.

Solidarity in the Storm: Images from the Homesh Rally

At the head of the procession was Yehuda's widow Ettia Dimentman.

Thousands March to Homesh After Terror Attack, Demand Israel’s Return to Site

The march comes amid rumors that the government plans to destroy the yeshiva at Homesh and ban all Israeli entry to the area.

Jerusalem Churches Launch Christmas Blood Libel Claiming They Are Persecuted by Jews

Yes, Virginia, Church leaders in the Land of Israel often turn a blind eye when the people pushing their flock around are not Jewish.

Lapid-Bennett Government Razed Homesh Structures, Rewarding Yehuda Dimentman’s Murderers

"They will be met by thousands and tens of thousands of lovers of the land who are determined to fight this unfortunate decision and defeat them."

Policeman Injured by Arab Rioters in Shimon HaTzadik Neighborhood

There will be a demonstration in support of the Arab residents of the neighborhood Friday afternoon.

Hundreds at Yehudah Dimentman’s Funeral in Homesh as Leaders Deliver Their Eulogies

"This terrorist who hit you wants to hit each and every member of the holy group standing here."

Smotrich: ‘Forbidden to Succumb to Terror. Govt Must Revive Homesh.

Smotrich called for the re-establishment of Homesh and normalization of the yeshiva already operating at the site.

Defense Ministry Admits to Apartheid Policy Against Jews in Judea and Samaria

The Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories and the Palestinian Authority are in effect conspiring to expand Arab settlement in Area C, while repressing Jews in the same territory.

US Forces Cancellation of Haredi Neighborhood in Atarot, Jerusalem

The Israeli government has informed the US that Israel won't be moving ahead with the construction of a much-needed neighborhood for Haredim (Ultra-Orthodox) in the Atarot section of northern Jerusalem.

Report: US ‘Palestinian Authority’ Consulate to Open Soon in Jerusalem

In 2020, the existing US Consulate in Jerusalem was merged with the Embassy by the Trump Administration.

Knesset Education Committee in Historic Statement: Israeli Schoolchildren Must Visit Temple Mount

The committee determined that the Temple Mount should be included in the mandatory sites for Ministry of Education tours.


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