Saudi FM: No Palestinian State, No Normalization

There is no reason to think the Saudis want anything less as a condition for normalization, in addition to US security guarantees and nuclear technology.

Israel Slams UNESCO Decision to Label Tel Jericho as ‘Palestinian Heritage Site’

Israel slammed the decision, which it said was made “despite the many and sincere efforts of the Secretary-General of UNESCO, Audrey Azoulay, to balance the decision."

UAE Envoy: Powerless to Stop Israel from Applying Sovereignty

The Trump administration reportedly assured the UAE that the U.S. would not recognize Israeli sovereignty over Judea and Samaria until 2024 at the earliest.

PA Arabs Crash Event Spotlighting Illegal Arab City in Gush Etzion Nature Reserve

Gush Etzion Regional Council head Shlomo Ne'eman said the illegal construction would surround the Israeli enclave.

Legal Borders of Three New Judea Communities Approved

Two of the new towns, Avigayil and Asael, are located in the South Hebron Hills, while the third, Beit Hogla, is part of the Megilot Regional Council near the Dead Sea.

Israeli Minister Calls Farmers ‘Best Guardians’ of Judea and Samaria

The Sovereignty Movement urged Netanyahu to refrain from using Judea and Samaria as a bargaining chip in normalization talks.

Ben Gvir Ascends Temple Mount on 9 B’Av to Show Who’s in Charge

“It is not a crime to pray, bow, or bring religious texts to our sacred site.”

State Archives Reveal: Ehud Barak Agreed to Give Up Part of Temple Mount, Old...

Clinton refused to let the Hebron or Kever Rachel remain in Israel's hands.

Fifth Sovereignty Convention Draws 1,000 Proclaiming Jordan Valley Sovereignty ‘Only a Matter of Time’

Katsover and Matar pointed to the window of opportunity when sovereignty in the Jordan Valley enjoys support from the coalition and opposition MKs.

Likud MK Amit Halevi Proposes Plan to Divide Jerusalem’s Temple Mount

"No one needs to examine the stones to know that it is ours ... King David bought the land from the Jebusites."

Homesh Yeshiva Settles in Permanent Structure Overnight

Ganim, Kadim, and Sa-Nur were three other Jewish settlements the Sharon regime uprooted in 2005. Yossi Dagan resided in Sa-Nur at the time.

Succumbing to Foreign Pressure, Netanyahu Suspends Taxing Anti-Israel NGOs

Netanyahu suspended a similar bill in 2016, under pressure from the Obama administration and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Smotrich Reverses 2005 Disengagement in Northern Samaria

"Thanks to the Minister of Defense Yoav Gallant for his cooperation in regulating the yeshiva.”

High Tensions Mark Preparations for Jerusalem Day Flags Parade

So far, the security apparatus has not detected concrete plans to fire missiles from the Gaza Strip.

Ateret Cohanim Promoting New Neighborhood on Pre-1948 Jewish Land in Eastern Jerusalem

The lands of the Kidmat Zion neighborhood were purchased on September 16, 1925, by Haredi Jews.

Lapid Condemns as Racist Bill Saying Zionist Values Should Guide Legislation

Lapid’s response was a jarring mix of hate and disinformation, most likely because he never graduated high school.

Jews Arrested on Temple Mount for Unfurling Israeli Flag, Prostrating, Saying Shema Israel

“I call on the Israeli police to not interfere by provoking ascenders to the Temple Mount."

Arab Media Slam ‘Provocative Dances’ by Ben-Gvir in Hebron

One of the Arab news outlets claimed that Ben-Gvir "broke into" the site and danced with "colonial Israeli settlers."

Smotrich Pressures Bibi, Gallant, to Alter Response to High Court on Khan al-Ahmar

"I am surprised at the fact that no orderly discussion was conducted with my participation in forming the state’s response on this matter."

Hamas Banner Hangs Unimpeded on Temple Mount’s Dome of the Rock Mosque, Removed After...

“How did we get to a situation in which a Hamas incitement poster is displayed on the Mount uninterrupted on Holocaust Remembrance Day?”

With Disengagement Law Annulled, State Drops Indictments Against Israelis Who Visited Homesh

"The indictment that was filed against the students of the Homesh Yeshiva should not have been filed in the first place."

Thousands of Israelis March to Evyatar, Including Ministers, MKs

"The arrival of the masses today is proof that the people of Israel want Evyatar and want Zionism."

UAE Slams Israel’s Partial Repeal of the Disengagement Law

The UAE was not alone is condemning Israel for the move. The United States likewise called the decision “provocative” and in violation of promises made to the Bush Administration in 2005.

US Rebukes Israeli Ambassador for Amended Law on Jewish Expulsion

These are not new settlements. These are Jewish villages that were ripped from the land.

Ben Gvir Shuts Down Voice of Palestine Radio

On October 12, 2000, the Israeli Air Force bombed the station.

Smotrich in Paris: No Such Thing as ‘Palestinian People’

JNF-KKL, but it announced it was removing its sponsorship because of Smotrich's participation.

Exclusive New Housing Development for ‘Palestinian Authority Terrorists Only’

“Unfortunately, the high-brow vision of the upper echelons of our security community is out of sync with the real threats we are facing."

Hearing on E1 Zone Construction Plan Postponed Again

This is not the first, or the second, or even the third time the E1 project has been put on hold, and each time the cause can be traced back to the United States.

Reports: Netanyahu, Ben Gvir, Clashing

He didn’t promise in writing to keep his promises. You always have to check with Bibi.


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