Netanyahu to Judea, Samaria Leaders: Palestinian State Plan Not as Bad as It Sounds

Israel continues to trust the Palestinians to torpedo their own chances of winning a state.

Settlers Launching Deal of the Century Pushback

Dagan claims that the Trump plan would include the establishment of a Palestinian state and the surrender of about 70% of Judea and Samaria.

Netanyahu: Trump Middle East Peace Plan Presents ‘Historic Opportunity’

“I am full of hope that we are on the verge of a historic moment in the annals of our state.”

Likud Officials Say Netanyahu Waiting for Trump’s Green Light to Annex Jordan Valley, But...

"The talk of applying sovereignty in the Jordan Valley, Samaria and Judea is welcome. But for now it's just that, talk."

Gush Etzion Mayor Responds to Gantz’s Dodging of Jordan Valley Sovereignty

"The citizens of the State of Israel will count very well every hand that doesn’t go up and vote for sovereignty over the Jordan Valley."

Netanyahu Weighs Quid Pro Quo: Drop Immunity Request for Gantz Jordan Valley Sovereignty Pledge

“First let us discuss [your] immunity, [and] later we’ll manage claiming sovereignty [over the Jordan Valley,]” Gantz said.

Netanyahu Demands International Sanctions Against International Criminal Court

"I urge all your viewers to [...] ask for concrete actions, sanction against the international court, its officials, prosecutors, everyone."

Sovereignty – Because This Is Our Land

Please also visit the Friends of Sovereignty campaign, and tell your friends.

Bennett Establishes 7 Nature Preserves in Judea & Samaria

"As usual, we have come to carry out the strengthening of our Land of Israel! Not talk. Deeds."

US and Israeli leaders Announce Major Policy Changes at Kohelet Policy Forum Conference

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo opened the conference by announcing that the United States is “disavowing” the 1978 Hansell Memorandum, a State Department memo that claimed Israeli settlements violate international law.

Defense Minister Appoints Administrator to Spearhead Campaign to Combat Illegal Arab Construction in Area...

Bennett recently threatened to demolish any illegal Arab construction in Area C, even if it was funded by the European Union.

Watch: Pompeo Says US is ‘Disavowing’ Hansell Memorandum

"We’re disavowing the deeply flawed 1978 Hansell memo, and we’re returning to a balanced and sober Reagan-era approach.”

Smotrich Extends Transport Smart Card to Liberated Territories

"The ministry is currently working to bring about a significant and wide improvement in the public transport service in Judea and Samaria," Smotrich said.

A First: Israel Announces Legitimacy of Samaria Settlement under Land Regulation Act

The 2017 Land Regulation Act aims to retroactively legalize Israeli settlements in Area C of Judea and Samaria, in order to protect between 2,000 and 4,000 homes.

Smotrich to Netanyahu: Annexing Jordan Valley a Proper Zionist Response to Hague Lawfare Attack

The time has come to make it clear that unilateral measures will be met with unilateral measures.

Netanyahu: I May Carry Out Major Operation to Defeat Gaza Strip Terrorism

Netanyahu spoke about his plan to annex the Jordan Valley, having neglected to do it over his 13 years as PM.

Israel’s Chief Rabbis, Hundreds More, Thank Trump for US Foreign Policy Decisions on Israel

"We are certain you'll go down in the history of the Jewish People for eternity as the man who stood on the front lines, unafraid."

Palestinian Authority Faces Lawsuit After Building EU-Funded School in Heart of Israeli Nature Reserve

The school, built with EU and other international funding, stands on Israeli state land in the heart of an official, recognized nature reserve.

Netanyahu Approves Fast Track for Jordan Valley Annexation Bill after US Policy Change

“There is no reason that this important bill won’t pass in the plenum with an 80-member majority.”

Netanyahu Tours Gush Etzion After US Prepares to Recognize Legality of Jewish Towns in...

“We are here, in Gush Etzion, a place we were expelled from in the War of Independence."

Report: Supreme Court Recognizes Mosque at Tomb of Yishai and Ruth

"I will demand that PA Muslims entering the Tomb of Yishai and Ruth ... will not exceed the number of Jews allowed to enter the Hall of Isaac at the Cave of the Patriarchs."

Not Just Sanders, 2020 Democratic Candidates Slam the Positive Change in US Settlement Policy

Some candidates believe that Jews don't have the right to live in Judea, others imagine Jews living there pushes away peace with our avowed enemies and endangers Israel.

Sanders, Warren, Quick to Reject US Statement on Legality of Jewish Settlements

Pompeo enraged the Stalinist faction of the Democratic party, who immediately took to Twitter to set things right.

Positive Responses to the Upcoming US Recognition of Israeli Settlements as Legal

There were strong reactions to the expected US declaration on the legality of Jewish settlement activity in Judea and Samaria.

AP: US to Declare Jewish Settlements Legal

Israeli Transportation Minister and cabinet member Bezalel Smotrich said he suggested to the US to make the declaration in response to the EU court's labeling decree.

Psagot Winery Commits to Fighting EU Court’s Anti-Semitic Ruling on Labeling

“Even though the ECJ ruled against us , this is just the beginning of the fight. We are not going to accept a double standard,” said CEO of Psagot Winery Yaakov Berg.

Israel Rejects European Court’s ‘Morally Unacceptable’ Verdict Ordering the Labeling of ‘Settlement’ Products

There are over 200 ongoing territorial disputes worldwide, yet the ECJ has only offered a single ruling - related to the Jewish people.

First Residents (Pre-Military Students) Arrive at Trump Heights

By summer 2020, about 20 new families – both observant and secular – are also expected to move to Trump Heights.

Report: Blue&White Ready for Sovereignty in Jordan Valley

Blue&White is ready to go for applying sovereignty over the Jordan Valley and the Northern Dead Sea, Zeev Kam reported on Reshet Bet radio...


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