High Court Rejects Peace Now Petition to Give Efrat Land to Arabs

Peace Now rejected a state proposal that Palestinian Authority citizens could request allocation of land in a 51 dunam complex in the area designated for Givat Eitam.

Will High Court Force Jewish Town of Efrat to Allow Palestinian Authority to Build...

"Some 70 percent of the land in [Areas A and B] is completely undeveloped, and remains available for Palestinian construction.""

10,000-Strong Jewish Community Starts Building in the Negev after 2 Decades of Bedouin Lawsuits

The state representative refused to respond to the offer because it’s impolite to call a Supreme Court Justice an idiot.

US Ambassador on War Path Against Israel’s Majority Right: ‘We’ll Fight Any Annexation Attempt’

The White House will decide in due time whether the votes of some half a million Israelis are acceptable to them.

Regavim Calls on Next Defense Minister to Repeal Law Forbidding Land Sale to Jews

Unlike Justice Potter Stewart, in Israel’s Supreme Court they don’t know an obscenity even when they see it.

US Democrats Oppose Israel’s Admission to Visa Waiver Program

Israel has been negotiating with the United States over this issue for more than a year.

Regavim Brings Illegal PA Construction to Benny Gantz’s Front Door

"The upcoming elections are about one thing: Will a Palestinian state arise in the heart of the Land of Israel?”

Labor Leader Merav Michaeli Withheld New Transport Plans for Judea and Samaria, Says It...

I think it’s a shame to invest in a place that in the end . . . won’t be a part of the sovereign state of Israel," she said.

Arab MK Threatens to Call for EU Boycott of Israel if Ben Gvir Becomes...

We believe Wallah host Tal Shalev is entitled to a refund from whatever high school she attended.

Overjoyed Palestinian Authority Hails Australian Denial of Jerusalem as Israeli Capital

"This is no way to treat an ally whose intelligence-sharing with Australia has prevented at least one terrorist attack against Australians that we know of.”

Arab Bus Drivers Refuse to Carry Border Guard Companies to Quell Jerusalem Riots

The company that organized Joe Biden's visit in Israel was ordered not to hire Arabs.

Ben Gvir Clashing with his Future Predecessor Internal Security Minister Omer Barlev

“Omer Barlev must be living in an alternate reality,” Ben Gvir said Sunday.

164 Relatives of Lions’ Den Terrorists Banned from Israel

It was founded by Muhammad al-Azizi, who is affiliated with Fatah.

Sukkot 5783: Welcome to Armageddon

In these harrowing times, on this holiday of Sukkot, I am happy to be sitting in my balcony sukkah in the safest place on earth

Fourth Beyadenu Guide Arrested on Temple Mount by Israel Police

The guide's arrest followed the detentions of Avi Kugel, Eliassaf Ofan, and Ariel Guggenheim. All were arrested and banned from the site for various periods by police.

Lapid Set to Call for Palestinian State in UN Address, Blasted by Coalition Partners

The revelation was hailed by Israel's left wing, but it was condemned by Lapid's own coalition partners.

Court Rules It’s Okay to Blow Shofar Outside Temple Mount Walls

Justice Amir Shaked ruled that "the suspicion is of the lowest degree, as apparent from the investigation materials and videos presented to me, and as I was impressed by the defendants."

IDF Bans Soldiers from Praying at Homesh

The IDF has decided to build a separate synagogue for its soldiers for the upcoming High Holy Days to prevent them from praying with civilians at the site.

New Palestinian City Rising on Jewish-Owned Land near Karnei Shomron

"Selective enforcement is reaching a peak we have not seen before."

Ben Gvir Embarrasses Barlev Demanding Meeting with Arab Murderers (It’s Complicated)

Barlev and Levy wanted to create a “safe” way for Arab MKs to renew their visits with security prisoners.

As Israel and Turkey Exchange Ambassadors, Jerusalem Fears Appointment of Known Enemy

Israel is very much afraid that Turkish President Erdogan will appoint Ufuk Ulutas.

Shootout, Dead Terrorist as Knesset Candidates Visit Joseph’s Tomb

This past June, IDF Lieutenant Colonel Roi Zweig and at least two other Israelis were shot and wounded by Arab terrorists at Joseph's Tomb.

Report: Trump Approved Israeli Sovereignty, Netanyahu Agreed to Palestinian State, Construction Freeze

"Gantz. . . asked the president not to let Bibi declare sovereignty before the March 2 election. The president nodded in agreement.”

Hamas Warns Jews not to Ascend to Temple Mount on 9 B’Av, Calls on...

The Muslims understand full well the value of the Temple Mount.

Ben & Jerry’s Claims Unilever Froze Its Directors’ Salaries

Ben & Jerry's claims the sale of its Israeli franchise by Unilever "will undermine our social mission and essential integrity of the brand."

Smotrich: Prison Rape Scandal Part of Overall Surrender to Terrorists

We have high expectations of his and Ben Gvir’s Knesset faction – they can't let us down.


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