Latest Illegal Palestinian Authority School Built Overnight, This Time in Jordan Valley

The bold sign at the entrance announces that the school is run by the Ministry of Education of the State of Palestine.

Israelis Fear F-35 Sale to Emirates, Leveraged 2-State Solution to Follow Peace Accords

It would be interesting to see if a Biden administration, should the Democrats win the White House in November, would choose to support the sale.

Emirati Official: Israeli Declaration of Sovereignty Won’t Stop Peace

UAE Foreign Ministry director of policy planning says historic U.S.-Israeli delegation visit to Abu Dhabi was “promising,” but much work still remains.

Kushner: All 22 Arab League States May Normalize Relations with Israel

Israeli sovereignty in Judea and Samaria and the Jordan Valley will happen, but not in the near future, says senior adviser Jared Kushner.

Joe Biden’s Plan for Arab Americans Stresses 2-State Solution, Condemns BDS

Biden will not reverse the embassy move – it's there to stay. He will not mess with US military aid to Israel. But he just has to win Michigan in November.

Court Orders Mitzpe Kramim Residents to Relocate Within 3 Years; Netanyahu Determined to Reverse...

The residents are to find a new place to live before their homes are demolished. Netanyahu said he will work to ensure they won't have to move at all.

Democratic Congresswoman Introduces Bill Prohibiting US Recognition of Israeli Application of Sovereignty

The anti-Israel bill is cosponsored by Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Ayanna Pressley, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Andre Carson and Mark Pocan. The Squad+.

Kushner: US Won’t Approve Israeli Sovereignty ‘For Some Time’

According to the White House, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also agreed to the borders of a Palestinian state.

Shaked to Netanyahu: Show Us Your Map of Palestine

“President Trump was able to get Israel to agree to a Palestinian state, and also to agree to a map."

Kushner, Bin Zayed: Israeli Relations with UAE Depend on Palestinian State

In short, Thursday night's announcement has the potential of making pro-settlements Jews miss the Oslo accords, which at least awarded Israel complete control over Area C.

Netanyahu: Sovereignty Is Delayed, Not Off the Table

President Trump and his team requested a temporary delay so the peace process can move forward, and I agreed."

Historic Peace Deal: Israel, UAE Reach Peace Agreement, Sovereignty ‘Suspended’

President Donald Trump helped to broker the historic peace deal reached between Israel and the United Arab Emirates.

Lebanon Ready to Finally Settle Maritime Border Dispute with Israel

Israel and Lebanon have been fighting for decades over 860 square miles of water in which potential natural gas reserves await.

Report: European Union Helping Palestinian Authority Illegally Build Another School in Area C

The schools now being built as outposts of the Palestinian Authority are causing a fundamental change in Area C, Regavim warns.

Greenblatt: Israeli Sovereignty Only with Allocating Land for Palestinian State

Greenblatt was one of the architects of the Trump peace plan which was introduced officially in late January.

Hungarian Foreign Minister in Israel Talks Iran, the US Peace Plan and Anti-Israel EU...

The U.S. administration’s peace plan can serve as a basis for a process leading to peace and security, says Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó.

Palestinian Authority Arrests Arabs Who Expressed Support for Israeli Sovereignty

The Palestinian Authority has detained several PA Arabs who told Israeli TV journalist Zvi Yechezkeli that they support Israel’s plan to apply sovereignty in parts of Judea and Samaria.

EU Pouring Millions into Illegal Arab Construction in Area C While Bibi, Gantz, Stand...

Netanyahu and Gantz actually torpedo the chances of a future, more able rightwing government to carry out the sovereignty move.

Pro-Israel Latino Group Urges Trump Administration to Back Israeli Sovereignty

“Recognizing sovereignty over Judea and Samaria ... will allow the administration to be remembered for restoring God’s people to His promised land,” said Pastor Mario Bramnick.

Sovereignty Bill for Entire Judea-Samaria Proposed by Knesset Lobby

"The national mission to exercise our historic right in the land of our ancestors may be in jeopardy," says Land of Israel Caucus chairman Haim Katz.

Legal Battle Over Jerusalem City of David Property Highlights Attempts by EU to Undermine...

After a 30-year legal battle, a Jerusalem court has ruled that the Sumarin family must vacate a property located in eastern Jerusalem and return it to its rightful owners. The family has been supported by some 30 left-wing organizations with many funded by the European Union.

German Lawmakers Attack Jewish State’s Sovereignty Plan, Say ‘Silence is Not an Option’

“Germany killed 6 million Jews in World War II, in the Holocaust, and now Germany wants to tell Israel how to defend its security,” said Marcel Goldhammer, a journalist with both German and Israeli citizenship.

Global Parliamentarians Express Support for Israeli Sovereignty

Hundreds of parliamentarians from 20 countries wrote such a move has the potential to bring peace and prosperity closer to the region.

Sovereignty Movement Goes All Out to Support Netanyahu’s Move

The movement promises to continue its activities with the ministers, members of Knesset and politicians to bring about essential changes leading to the first step of sovereignty.

Vatican Warns Jews, Americans, Against Liberating Biblical Lands

The dire need for Israeli sovereignty has nothing to do with the two-state solution, but with the safety of an estimated 3,000 Jewish homes which are once again in jeopardy.

Liberman: Netanyahu Conning Everyone, Has No Intention of Applying Sovereignty

"We knew in advance that this man can finagle all of us. He invented a cosmic trick – how to swindle everyone all the time."

AOC, Leftycrats to Pompeo: If Israel Annexes – Off with their Aid

One sour note: the AOC letter was also signed by Rep Nydia Velázquez (D-NY) who represents the Lower East Side of NY.

PA Ready to Negotiate Peace Provided Israel Cancels Sovereignty Plan, So Not Really

Shaath said that the PLO would not revoke its recognition of the state of Israel as long as the PA leadership is not convinced that all hope for a two-state solution is lost.

PA Deepens Grip on Jordan Valley Ahead of Possible Israeli Sovereignty Declaration

Suddenly the Palestinian Authority remembered there are Arabs living in the Jordan Valley.


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