Joint Arab List Presents Demands for Endorsing Gantz Government

Blue&White Party leader Benny Gantz must abandon plans to apply sovereignty in Judea and Samaria and reject the idea of a “Jewish majority” government, says Joint List's Ayman Odeh.

Bennett Tells Yamina Leadership: Sovereignty Government Within Reach

So far, with about 90% of the votes counted, Yamina has won 6 seats in the 23rd Knesset.

WATCH: Elections and the The Real Deal

The elections will have a significant role in how the Deal of the Century gets implemented.

Netanyahu Vows Sovereignty Over Jordan Valley ‘Within Weeks’ If Reelected

A day before elections, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu says sovereignty over the Jordan Valley and Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria “will happen within weeks, two months at the most” if he wins.

Bennett Advances Master Plan for Judea, Samaria: 1,800 New Housing Units

"Jewish settlement in Judea and Samaria is one of the building blocks of Zionism in the State of Israel. We will continue to advance it."

Reps. Jordan & Johnson Tour Judea & Samaria as Sovereignty Map Lines Drawn for...

The congressmen began their tour on the “Heritage Trail” in Beersheva, where they learned about the biblical Abraham and the ties of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel.

Derech Avot Does Efrat Proud

Students from Derech Avot showed some Jewish spirit.

US-Israel Sovereignty Mapping Committee Announced

"Honored to serve on the Joint Committee. Looking forward to getting started right away."

Netanyahu Meets With Yesha Council Leaders for a Sovereignty Update

While holding a meeting in their sovereignty protest test, the council leaders were invited in for a meeting with the prime minister.

Warren: ‘I Will Reverse the Trump Administration’s New Policy on Settlements’

"If Israel’s government continues with steps to annex the West Bank, the U.S. should make clear that none of our aid should be used to support annexation," Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) told the New York Times in a recent survey of candidates' policy positions.

Arab List Leader: No Endorsement of Gantz Without Clear Anti-Annexation Statement

Odeh also said his list would not support "any government that would have [Israel Beiteinu Chairman Avigdor] Liberman in it.

Ambassador David Friedman Warns Against Immediate and Unilateral Israeli Annexation

Last week, settlement leaders said Prime Minister Netanyahu told them there are some technical differences within the US administration.

Did Anyone Say No Settler Will Be Uprooted? Someone Should Tell Bibi

The 150 soldiers and police officers demolished two, count them, two, structures, one of which had been home to a young couple and their baby.

EU Threatens Israel: Annexation of Judea and Samaria Will ‘Not Pass Unchallenged’

The EU is “especially concerned” by Israel’s statements on the prospect of the annexation of the Jordan Valley and other parts of Judea and Samaria ad stressed that it does not recognize Israel’s sovereignty over “the territories occupied since 1967.”

Kremlin: Netanyahu Requested Putin Meeting 24 Hours after Trump’s Announcement

It wasn't the Kremlin asking Netanyahu for the scoop about Trump's deal of the century, it was Netanyahu initiating the briefing.

Interior Ministry Preparing for New Council Elections following Annexation

The heads of councils in Judea and Samaria were elected democratically, but their power stems from the defense ministry.

Might As Well Start Annexing – Arab League Unanimously Rejects Trump’s Plan

One thing is already clear: no one in Israel is going to annex anything this coming week.

Celebrating Israeli Sovereignty in Jerusalem

Sadly, this expression of boundless patriotic joy remained a tiny island of light in an otherwise dark sea of doubt, misgivings and outright hostility – and that's Israeli Jews.

Israeli Officials Say American Change of Heart ‘Just a Technical Problem’

A senior Israeli diplomat said the US about-face came because the Americans "don’t want to deal with a step-by-step process."

Gantz Ridiculed After Stating He Will Bring Deal of the Century to Knesset Vote

Gantz apparently does not have the legal ability to move forward with pushing the Deal of the Century through the Knesset and must wait for Netanyahu’s government to vote on it.

Likud Minister Explaining Why Annexation Must Be Delayed Even as DM Bennett Prepares to...

"I'll be clear," Bennett stressed, "Whatever is postponed until after the election will never happen. We all understand that."

Temple Mount Activists Welcome Trump’s Plan that Calls For Freedom of Worship at Jew’s...

Maimonides rules that a Jew is obligated to offer the Passover sacrifice even when the Temple has not yet been built.

Ambassador Friedman: Go Annex Those Settlements, What Are You Waiting For?

"If the Israelis apply Israeli law to the settlements and to the territory that you’ll see soon enough is allocated to Israel under the plan […] then we will recognize Israeli sovereignty."

World’s Reaction to Trump’s Peace Plan Iffy to Outright Hostile

The fact is, the world is not interested in innovative peace plans, they don't want to read them and they certainly don't wish to appear as if they support it.

Report: Israel’s Cabinet to Vote Sunday to Apply Sovereignty

President Trump said the conceptual map with its proposed permanent borders makes clear the "territorial sacrifices Israel is willing to make for peace."

The President Gambles with Israeli Lives in Pursuit of an Impossible Dream

While the plan is currently being offered by Israel's greatest friend in the White House, ever, we must wonder how things would look like under, say, President Bernie Sanders.

Netanyahu to Judea, Samaria Leaders: Palestinian State Plan Not as Bad as It Sounds

Israel continues to trust the Palestinians to torpedo their own chances of winning a state.


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