Jewish Families Threatened with Eviction from Hebron’s Beit Ha’Tekuma

The Hebron Jewish municipality maintains the building was purchased by Jewish residents from its prior Arab owners.

Regavim: Bennett Selling Out the Negev in Exchange for Coalition Stability

"The policy of whitewashing illegal Bedouin settlements is racist and absurd."

Moroccan Group Attacks Jewish Community for Celebrating Israel’s Independence Day

The group warned against Israel's attempts to blur the lines between Judaism and Zionism – the old and familiar Neturei Karta line.

Report: Israel Caves to Jordan’s Demands to Increase Waqf Authority on Temple Mount

Islamic Ra’am party chairman Mansour Abbas conditioned his support for the government upon acceptance of Jordan’s demands over the Temple Mount.

Bennett: Israel Rejects Foreign (Jordanian) Interference on Temple Mount

“All decisions regarding the Temple Mount and Jerusalem will be made by the Government of Israel, which is the sovereign of the city."

Israel Reduces Judea-Samaria Housing Approvals in Deference to US Demands

US State Dept: “Israel’s program of expanding settlements deeply damages the prospects for a two-state solution.”

Arabs Hang Huge Poster with Image of Hamas Fighter on Temple Mount

The Barlevs have long since enshrined themselves in Israel’s short history as humongous failures when it came to defending the country.

Sovereignty Lost: Minister Hendel OK with PLO Flag on Dome of the Rock for...

In the past, Jewish visitors who dared wave an Israeli flag on the Temple Mount were detained and removed from the holy site for long periods of time.

MK Abbas to Lapid: Israel Must Coordinate with Jordan Status Quo Change on Temple...

Abbas also told Lapid, referring to the Jordanians, that “their demands are our demands.”

Supreme Court Rejects Peace Now Petition Against New Jewish Neighborhood in Old Hebron

The judges agreed that since the Hebron municipality does not accept planning requests from Jews, the IDF was right to take away those powers.

Erez Crossing Closed to Gaza Workers following Rockets, Army Pushes for Quick Reopening

Former Shin Bet chief MK Avi Dichter (Likud): "Hamas has undertaken to connect itself to the Temple Mount and is doing so with considerable success."

Jews Allowed on Temple Mount following Arab Rioters’ Clashes with Police

The holy compound was finally opened for Jews after about a half hour’s delay and would remain open, because it’s Ramadan, only until 10:30 AM.

Gaza Terrorists Warn Against Jerusalem Flags Parade: ‘Our Finger on the Trigger’

The fate of Bennett's government rests on the goodwill of the Muslim Brotherhood in Israel, a.k.a. the Shura Council.

UAE Summons Israeli Envoy, Leads Calls for UN Session to Discuss Police on Temple...

In response to the pressure, Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett decided to close the Temple Mount to Jews until the end of Ramadan.

Arab Rioters Shatter Windows of Egged Buses near Kotel, 7 Injured

"The nation of Israel Lives and whoever rules the Temple Mount will rule the whole land of Israel.”

Arab Rioters Organize to Stop Jews from Entering Temple Mount, Police Breach and Make...

it appears that the Arabs––across the board––don’t want a repeat of the 2021 Operation Guardian of the Walls encounters.

Coalition Member Mansour Abbas: Non-Muslims Must Stay Out of Temple Mount

"If the security forces' activity in the blessed al-Aqsa Mosque is not stopped immediately, I see myself outside the coalition."

Jewish Group Offers Financial Incentives for Passover Sacrifice on Temple Mount

“You got busted? NIS 400 ($124); Busted with a lamb or baby goat? NIS 800 ($248); Succeeded in making the sacrifice? NIS 10,000 ($3,100).”

Police Operations Chief: Lockdown on Territories Would Make Our Job Easier

On Wednesday, PA Arab infiltrators were documented as they entered Israel uninterrupted through a breach in the fence.

14 Years Late, Israel Overcomes Leftist Resistance to Sewage Treatment Plant for Samaria Settlement

Letting one Jewish community and five Arab be mired in their sewage was less important than fighting the “occupation.”

Finally, Ateret Cohanim Takes Possession of Old City Hotel It Won in Court

The publication of the deal in 2005 led to a crisis in the Greek Church in Jerusalem.

America First Exposing Biden’s State Dept. $1 Million Grant Soliciting Attacks on Israel

“These activities and plans are part of the Biden Administration’s larger strategy to cripple Israel’s ability to defend herself."

Giant Billboards Call on Shaked Not to Capitulate to Pressure, Restrict Ukrainian Refugee Tide

According to CNN, only 690 Ukrainian refugees have been admitted in the US since October 21, 2021.

Bennett Govt. Destroys Synagogues, 20 Israeli Structures in Binyamin Neighborhood

The current leadership is putting itself on the wrong side of Zionist history.

23 MPs from Around the World: ‘We Support Israel’s Sovereign Right to Build in...

The statement and the visit to Atarot were initiated and led by Chaim Silberstein, chairman of the “Keep Jerusalem” organization.


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