Judea & Samaria Sovereignty Bill Defeated in Knesset

"This bill will once again show and reveal who is ideological in this Knesset."

Evyatar Buildings Torched by Arab Arson Terrorists

Evyatar residents said they "gained so much" from living in the town, adding "it gives us the strength to return one day.”

US to Reopen US Consulate in Jerusalem for Palestinian Authority? Not So Fast.

"No sovereign state allows a foreign country to open a diplomatic mission on its territory to serve residents of a third state or entity. . .and not to a hostile entity.”

And Now for Something Completely Different: Awarding Khan Al-Ahmar’s Squatters Israeli Passports

Moving them to the foot of Mt. Masada could solve a major dilemma for the left-right, Lapid-Bennett coalition.

Lapid Asking AG to Postpone Evacuation of Illegal Outpost Khan al-Ahmar

Sadly, in the current political reality, it's more likely that the Lapid-Bennett government would continue to kick this can further and further down the road.

1,000 Jews Ascend to the Temple Mount on Tisha B’Av, Arabs Unhappy

Tisha B'Av is only the first tense day on the Temple Mount this week.

High Court Rejects 15 Petitions Against Israel’s Nationality Law

According to the ruling, the principle of equality is a fundamental principle in Israeli law, and by virtue of it, equal rights are granted to all citizens of the state, including minority groups.

High Court Heeds Regavim’s Petition, Enforces Demolition of Invasive Arab Structure in Archaeological Site

Only after Regavim had issued another warning did the Civil Administration forces arrive at the invasion area on Wednesday and demolish the building.

What Does Smotrich Know About Evyatar and Why Are Bennett’s People Angry at Him?

Weiss is using praise, Smotrich threats, but they both are guiding Israel's first yarmulke-clad prime minister on the right path.

MK Itamar Ben-Gvir Ascends to the Temple Mount Surrounded by Lawmen

The visit came after Police Commissioner Kobi Shabtai had issued a specific ban against Ben-Gvir's ascending to the mountain.

PA Choking Har Gilo with Illegal Gush Etzion Road

"Protection of Israeli state land and law enforcement against illegal construction, land-grabs and encroachment ... must top of the list of every Israeli official.”

Another Fine Mess for Bennett: IDF Rejects Evyatar Settlers’ Plea, Clears Next Week’s Demolition

Violent clashes between Arabs and the security forces take place around the outpost almost every day.

Religious Zionist Rabbis Lead Prayers at the Kotel Against the New Israeli Government

In Jerusalem’s Old City, prominent religious-Zionist rabbis pray the incoming government won’t “abandon the Land of Israel to the Arab takeover.”

Thursday’s Israeli Flags Parade in Muslim Quarter Is Netanyahu’s Final Test 3 Days before...

AG Mandelblit made it clear to Netanyahu and Ohana that going against the professional decision of the police regarding the parade required a political decision.

Jerusalem Police Cowers before Hamas’ Threats, Cancels Israeli Flags Procession

The cancellation of the parade constitutes yet another capitulation before Hamas leader in the Gaza Strip Yahya Sinwar, who has been able to terrorize Israeli officials without lifting a finger.

DM Gantz Demands Cancellation of the Jerusalem Flag Dance March

"It is our obligation to issue a clear and unambiguous call to immediately cease the inciting and violent discourse."

Leftists & Hamas Call to Cancel Jerusalem Day Flag Dance March

“We are returning to march through the streets of Jerusalem with our Israeli flags raised. . . Come in droves."

Will a Bennett-Lapid Government Evacuate Evyatar Outpost, or Will It be Done Before They’re...

I, for one, cringe a little when politicians try to represent God in a rally. Many do so without the prerequisite qualifications, such as prophecy.

Ra’am’s Price for Joining Bennett-Lapid Government: Bedouin Controlled Negev

"These are no longer issues of right and left, they are issues of Zionism in the face of the danger to the existence of the State of Israel."

Gush Etzion Chief Accuses Gantz of Deal with Biden to Freeze Settlement Construction

It should be noted that only last August, Yesha Council attacked Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for freezing settlement construction.

Tomb of Patriarchs Handicapped Access Frozen Indefinitely by DM Gantz

Defense Minister Gantz handed over a victory to the enemies of Israel.

Right-Wing Triumph: Knesset Passes Preliminary ‘Settlement Regulation’ and ‘Override Clause’ Bills

Both pieces of legislation bring hope to the right-wing lawmakers who have been pushing them stubbornly but with little success over several years.

On Sunday the Arabs Burned Down 2,000 Acres of Israeli Forest Near Gaza

"We expect an appropriate response, we are not ready to go back to rocket launches and balloon terrorism that don't receive a response."

Canadian Court Nixes Ban on ‘Product of Israel’ Labels for Wine from Judea, Samaria

“Jews returning to producing wine in their indigenous homeland is something to be celebrated, not stigmatized.”

After Losing in Israeli Court, PA to Take Sheikh Jarrah Property Case to International...

The case involves Israel’s eviction of Arab families from properties in Jerusalem after an Israeli court denied the Arab property claims.

Lebanon, Israel to Resume Maritime Border Talks

Lebanon is still without a permanent government after the resignation of its prime minister and cabinet ministers following the massive Beirut Port explosion in 2020.

How the Palestinian Authority Connects Illegal Outposts in Area C to Villages in Area...

"The Palestinian Authority continues to carry out its masterplan for territorial contiguity in the Jordan Valley, and the State of Israel continues to allow it."

Did You Know Sunday Marked 101st Anniversary of Allied Conference that Gave All of...

"The San Remo Conference is maybe the most unknown conference in Israel."

US Jewish Groups Work to Block KKL-JNF Purchases of Land in Judea, Samaria

Leaders of the US Reform and Conservative Jewish movements are worried a change in the Israeli KKL-JNF policy will be approved, and are working hard to prevent it.

PA, EU, Establish Illegal School inside Israel’s Jordan Valley Nature Preserve

"Once these illegal schools are completed, they create a win-win public relations headache which the Civil Administration hasn’t learned to contend with."


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