Photo Credit: Rambam Medical Center
Haifa's Rambam Medical Center

A large-scale war exercise planned by Home Front Command and the Health Ministry Emergency Division is set to be conducted Thursday at midday at Haifa’s Rambam Hospital.

During the exercise Rambam’s preparedness for a missile attack on the home front will be examined — including the removal of a number of departments to the protected underground hospital.


The facility is capable of absorbing 2,000 beds, but will examine the transfer of a small number of departments during the drill. The first selection will be made for ambulances directly to the underground area, since it is impossible during wartime to evacuate wounded in an open area outside the emergency room.

One of the main components of the exercise will be the transfer of the hospital to Rambam’s underground facility, the largest and most sophisticated underground and fortified hospital in the world.

The patients will be protected using a sophisticated control system of plasma screens with a view to all corners of the hospital, digital information about the needs and deficiencies that are transmitted in real time.