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Arab child is inspired by his ‘heroes’: imprisoned terrorists.

On December 30th, due to American pressure, Israel is set to release the third batch of terrorists and mass murderers to the Palestinian Authority.

Listed below is the current list of terrorists to be released, and the names of their victims they murdered.


The original list, supplied by the Israel Prison Service is available in Hebrew here.

Terrorist Terror Attack Arrest Date Residence
Ahmed Farid Muhamed Shachada Murdered a suspect collaborator with Israel 2/16/1984 Ramallah
Muhamed Ahmed Abed El-Hamid Tos Murdered Zalman Abuknick, Michael Cohen, Meir Ben Yair, Edna Harari, and
Moti Suissa
10/6/1985 Hebron
Muhamed Aadel Hassan Daud Murdered Ofra and Tal Moses with a firebomb on their car 12/8/1987 Kalkilya
Juma Ibrahim Juma Adam Murdered Rachel Weiss, her 3 children, and a soldier David Delarosa with
a firebomb thrown at a bus
10/31/1988 Ramallah
Mahmoud Salam Saliman Abu Harbish Murdered Rachel Weiss, her 3 children, and a soldier David Delarosa with
a firebomb thrown at a bus
11/3/1988 Jericho
Ibrahim Lufi Chalmi Taktok Murdered IDF soldier Binyamin Meisner 3/3/1989 Shechem
Bilal Ibrahim Mustafa Damra Murdered Frederich Rosenfeld near Ariel 6/20/1989 Salafit
Raid Muhmad Sharif Saadi 1/23/1991 Jenin
Hosni Fara Ahmed Swalcha Murdered Baruch Heisler and wounded others on Bus 66 in Ramat gan 12/2/1990 Shechem
Muhamed Ahmed Mahmoud Sabar 1/23/1991 Jenin
Fars Ahmed Muhamed Barud Murdered Mordechai Roitman and wounded 3 others in a furniture store in
3/23/1991 Gaza
Faisal Mustafa Mahmoud Abu El-Rab Murdered IDF soldier Yoram Cohen 9/25/1991 Jenin
Jamal Haled Ibrahim Abu Muchsan Stabbed to death Shlomo Yichye (76) in Kadima 10/4/1991 Jenin
Muhamed Ata Mahmoud Muamar Murdered Israel Prize winner Professor Menachem Stern in the Valley of
the Cross in Jerusalem
2/24/1992 Beit Lechem
Naaman Yussef Ahmed Shalbi Murdered two Druze citizens: Jamal Hasson and Mofid Canaan 5/7/1992 Jenin
Adnan Muhamed Yusef Affendi Injured two youths: Yaniv Shacham and Dan Rotokovitch in Jerusalem. Was
saved from lynch by Hareidi woman.
5/13/1992 Beit Lechem
Diaa Zacharia Shaker Al-Faluji Murdered Amatzia Ben-Haim in a Ganei Tal hot house 10/12/1992 Gaza
Mahmoud Fauzi Salma Falena Murdered Yehudit Ostron in Dolev with a roadside bomb. 8 others injured
in the attack
11/29/1992 Ramallah
Nasser Abdullah Abed Al-Hamid Abu Sror Murdered Shabak agent:Haim Nachmani 1/4/1993 Beit Lechem
Mahmoud Jamal Hassan Abu Sror Murdered Shabak agent:Haim Nachmani 1/5/1993 Beit Lechem
Osama Haled Camel Silawi PLO-Fatah commander in Jenin. Trained the murderers of Moti Biton 2/16/1993 Jenin
Muhamed Mustafa Ahmed Afana Murdered Sara Sharon in Holon 4/1/1993 Ramallah
Ramadan Muhamed Odeh Yaakub Murdered Sara Sharon in Holon 4/19/1993 Ramallah
Aiman Muhamed Anis Jeradat Murdered 2 Israeli Druze and collaberators with Israel 4/24/1992 Jenin
Ahmed Awad Ali Camil Murdered 5 Israelis and 50 Palestinians. Commander of Black Panther
terrorist group. 
9/29/1993 Jenin
Saeed Rashdie Muhamed Tamimi Murdered Haim Mizrachi near Beit El 11/9/1993 Ramallah
Ala A-din Fahami Fahad Al-Karki 12/18/1993 Hebron
Nasser Fauzi Mustafa Barhom Murdered Morris Edri in a store in Netanya 12/22/1993 Tul Karem
Mahmoud Muhamed Redwan Salamon 5/6/1994 Gaza
Ibrahim Faiz Mahmoud Abu Ali 10/8/1994 Gaza

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  1. We are mice not men, if we allow these murderers to go freely, while we cannot even free one Jew, Pollard. This is a national disgrace. We can stop this with one phone call to Kerry—–no prisoners unless……. Deborah bee Am israel Chai

  2. It is not up to Obama to free pollard, it is up to Bibi. He has the prisoners to be bartered, they don't go for free. If so, then who needs a leader like him? i will gladly take the reigns. At least I don't believe in giving up.

  3. this is the result of Obama and Kerry forcing and pressuring Israel to commit suicide and release those who killed Jews and Israelis. Israel security is being put in risk. many of those released will go back to terror and more Israelis will die.

  4. this is the result of Obama and Kerry forcing and pressuring Israel to commit suicide and release those who killed Jews and Israelis. Israel security is being put in risk. many of those released will go back to terror and more Israelis will die.

  5. my lover was shot down by an arab terrorist in 73- to think that he roams freely somewhere, with a life of happiness makes me very sad. I would like to think he was caught and executed summarily for his crime of taking a life, and my life too. With my companion went my dreams and hopes, my faith It took a life time to recover. shalom and am yisrael chai

  6. What other country in the World would do such a thing as to release MURDERING TERRORISTS that have killed CIVILIANS as a GESTURE to make PEACE with a group of people that HATE the JEWS, and to top it all these released TERRORISTS will each receive $ 50,000 from the Palestinian President as a gift along with a job for life in the Palestinian Government with a pension all money from U S A & EU

  7. Clear on their crimes, I would execute each one whose name is on the list. Same with the next list received, and so on, until it is learned not to submit lists expecting murderers to be set free. Strengthen the Mosad, and free the Israeli kept prisoner in other countries. Above all, do not let the current cabinet in America sway Israel. Unlike other years, the current cabinet does not speak for its people, Americans.

  8. a. Netanyahu doesn't prefer to release these prisoners. If you know anything about the PA, one of the most important things is releasing the prisoners.
    b. building on the west bank… not really. actually building in Jerusalem (last I looked that wasn't the west bank) and Elkana that will probably stay under Israel's jurisdiction
    I know criticizing Bibi is bon ton but give it some slack


  10. Let's begin from the beginning. The US, as Israel's benefactor (3 or 4 billion dollars paid every January) insists as a quid pro quo that Israel enter into negotiations with the Palestinians for a two-state solution (horror of horrors). The Palestinians stated they will not enter into negotiations unless Israel stops expanding its settlements, something that Israel has refused to do. So Kerry engineered a compromise whereby Israel would not stop settlement expansion but would instead release Palestinian prisoners. The Palestinians accepted this compromise. Now The Jewish Press trumpets the injustice of releasing these "murderers with blood on their hands." But this was Israel's decision. It appears that Israel would rather release "murderers with blood on their hands" than agree to a temporary settlement freeze. Perhaps some of the folks commenting here can explain the logic of this.

  11. Isso é um jogo, e o povo de Israel deve jogar para ganhar, custe o que custar. Nesse jogo está valendo vidas preciosas, então Israel deve jogar duro. Estes assassinos com certeza ainda têm sede de sangue, eles não vão descançar. Eles somente vão parar depois de mortos. Como se diz no Brasil, " Se alguma mãe tem que chorar, que seja a deles".

  12. Jews living in Judea and Samaria is more important to the future safety of Israel that letting these murderers go! Don't throw the 3 billion dollar red herring around since it is all military aid, most of which is spent on American weapons and is only needed because the US arms the arabs to the teeth and has continually stopped Israel from decisively defeating the arabs!! Also, what good has all the $$ the US gives the arabs and Pakistan etc.been for!! Oh, Harrylax, Abbas never agreed on anything so stop being an arab apologist and an Israel hater which your post clearly states you are!

  13. I am an American. Our president is a muslim sympathizer. For the sake of Israeli security, please please please do not cave to "american pressure". Unfortunately at this time, our president and his cabinet is not an friend to Israel. Do NOT trust this administration… Our president even said that he would support muslims if/when the political winds shift. Israel, true G-d fearing Americans are praying for you. G-d has and always will take care of His people and their land…. But don't be stupid and think America supports you right now… The people do, but the current Administration does not… They are serpents, just like the one in the garden of Eden, they will deceive you. Protect yourself Israel, cut ties to America while Obama is in office.

  14. If you own a house you are entitled to live in it. how would you like someone to tell you you could not live in it — that is what it is about.
    The Jews have owned the political rights to Palestine west of the Jordan River since 1920 and in 1922 fifty three states recognized that ownership of an equitable interest to vest in a legal interest when the Jews attained a majority population in the area of their rule.
    See: Roots of Israel's Sovereignty and Boundaries in International Law: In Defense of the Levy Report

  15. There should be no release of terrorists, it won't bring peace. There should be no release of land, it won't bring peace. There should be no deal with Iran, it won't bring peace. Peace will come when the Arabs and Iranians give up hating, give up killing, give up threatening, give up lying, give up stealing from their own people, give education, equality and freedom. Peace will not come in my lifetime.

  16. It doesn't make any sense. Israel has to release convicted murderers – terrorists – to bring the Palestinians to the negotiating table while Israel gets nothing in return to sit at the same table? It's time for Israel to stop playing Mr. Nice Guy,
    and show who's Boss!

  17. I'm speechless, their is a hidden hand somewhere, and it goes beyond current comprehension. We must trust our government, but to the families, it sends a heart touching
    message, and that is, Israel has let free the murderers of there family members.
    Released to an area under siege, unorganized, ignorant, suicidal with no plan or remedy.

  18. According to Jewish Halacha, the families of those murdered should await these murderers aside their prisons and kill those murderers in return.

    Furthermore, why are not Jewish prisoners being released from Israel prisons? Rabin's killer should be freed in the same vain as the arabs are freed.

    Since this is arranged by the shameful Americans, Pollard Levinson should be released and the bodies of Ethel and Julius Rosenburg be brought to Israekl for burial.

    Addiitonally, who pays Israel's for the arab upkeep while inside the Israeli prisons which for the arabs was like a deluxe hotel? A bill should be sent to abbas.

  19. I am forced to say this is enough reason to go to war. Since the first round of released and paid terrorists have been released attacks on Israel have been stepped up. There is only one solution to the whole Arab Islamic problem and this is WWIII. We cannot have the rise of another Ottoman Empire. Israel has her own oil as does Russia. China will continue to get her oil out of Africa so I suggest every Middle eastern oil producing nation has Oil wells hit as a first step.

  20. I ask anyone to tell me anything positive for Israel that comes from releasing terrorists. In the future, to prevent this from happening, the death penalty MUST be implemented for anyone who commits an act of murder or terror.

  21. The terrorists should be killed on the spot when they are caught murdering innocent people-don't most of them have the suicide mission in mind anyway? it is unjust and a sham to let them out of prison for perpetrating these murders. Setting them free just gives a terrorist a license to do the same and not get any punishment for the murderous deeds.

  22. Ron Kall points out that American money sent to Israel is mainly for the US's benefit and the Arab's benefit. So here's my idea:. Israel should declare that unless the US stops forcing Israel to release "murderers with blood on their hands," Israel will no longer accept US aid. That will teach those Americans a lesson they'll never forget. How about it, Kalleleh?

  23. I never voted for this president as I saw thru him and he is disgusting and maybe The Lord will deal with him! BIBi should not have given in and all these released prisoners should be delivered to president obamas and Kerry's house. May they live in peace in their homes.

  24. I have a dream: one day Israel will wake up to realize that the dollar driven US & ugly racist anti-Semitic EU are their eternal & mortal enemies, as we Sephardi Toledano family in did in Toledo, Spain co-existing with the Muslims for 400 years, Israel must find a way to influence Shiite and Sunni Muslims peace, and once achieved, thereafter Israel, Arabs, Iran, Turks must form an economic, technological, nuclear military alliance becoming the superpower the back-stabbing US & ugly racist anti-Semitic Europeans dread. Remembering the centuries of persecution & genocide, Jews should not be living in racist Europe. I thank God for Israel & its tough melting pot of courageous brown, white, and black well ARMED Jewish warriors. Long live the greatest of all Jewish assets: IDF. May God keep all our IDF boys & girls safe, and give them victory over our cowardly enemies. You, warriors of Israel, are my pride and joy. Love to you all.


  26. Amazing that something like 70% of American Jews voted FOR Muslim loving Obama in the last election (according to the one poll I looked at……

    SNIPPET from their web site: "In 2012, American Jews remained overwhelmingly supportive of President Obama, of Democratic candidates, and of US leadership to achieve a two-state resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict." Feel deceived do you?

  27. It is written "If someone comes to kill you, kill him first.". These murderers should never have been imprisoned. They should have been sentenced to death. Think of the money spent to feed and house these murderers. Bread and water would have been appropriate.

  28. I can only imagine that there is a lot of money involved for Israel; that's why Bibi allows these villains to be released. Of course, feeding them for 30 odd years is also crazy.

  29. Danuta Glendenning that still does not give our gov. the right to pressure our allies, in making their own decisions Obama has seem to put a damper on Israel with the Iran deal, why would he do that to Israel? about the feeding the Terrorists they should of gotten the death penalty, but Israel must of known they could feed them all those years, I believe it has to do with the Muslim Brotherhood!!

  30. I think we turn to be brain damage. Why in the hell Bibi, from all people, accepted to release not only these last ones but the ones before. We are putting our lives in danger.If this was a condition to make peace , the hell with it, we don't need that it and they call if sacrifice for peace. I thought we sacrifice animals not human being. Shame on us. I doubt G-d will ever forgive Mr Natanyahou for this horrible act. I just want to know if one of his children was murdered by one of these scums he would have accepted to release the murderer of his son!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. hi chaya, (me deborah bee)- not we are not whores, but we do have hearts and minds of slaves. Even today, it lingers and is evident in Bibi's behavior. Concessions with no counter demands. . The sad truth is the jews have never tasted true freedom except in America, where law is rule of the land, hence Jews and all minorities are protected . We have perhaps become comfortable in our lives here, and for that we may pay a price too one day, but for now, we are safe and can voice our opinions without fear of reprisal by the government. As for Israel , she sorely needs leaders who are brave and fearless, who have pride in their heritage, and won't cower to these bullies that are crawling out of the out of the woodwork again.

  32. All terrorists who attempt or succeed in murdering should get the DEATH PENALTY. tHEN THERE WOULD BE NO PRISONERS TO RELEASE! Why feed & house them? And then let them go to murder more people?! They give the Victory sign as they ride out of prison to plan another jihad. This is a humiliation for us Jews as if our own government is saying, " Throw another Jew on the fire," just like the Nazis did to us. Are we worth NOTHING? The Torah tells us if someone is coming to kill us, kill them first! That's a commandment. That's what we should certainly do to someone who has been caught, imprisoned, adjudicated & found guilty. Not give them martyr status & a chance to kill more of us.

  33. The Prime Minister and people whould have a law that they are not allowed to release prisioners of war if they are murders…. In the bible it is against the 10 commandments ……..Thou shall not MURDER, not like they put in the book in English Thou shall not kill. there is a difference and it is thou shall not murder.

  34. why are they letting these murderers out? That's wrong. Are they saying they completed their sentences? Were they tried unjustly? Is this a pardon? I don't understand. I thought the criminal justice system had rules? How horribly disappointing for the families of these victims to watch this happen.

  35. I'd say Yvonne is an idiot. She may not like that Israel did this even though they've released many Palestinian terrorists before Obama was president in exchange for the return of their own held by Palestinians. However, to say Obama is a "muslim sympathizer" is just crap.

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