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Mohammed Abu Khdeir .

Following a request from the family, Mohammed Abu Khdeir’s name has been removed from Bituach Leumi’s list of terror victims.

After the kidnapping and murder of the Jewish teenagers Gil-Ad Shaer, Naftali Fraenkel and Eyal Yifrach in Gush Etzion by Arab terrorists associated with Hamas, a 16 year old Arab boy, Abu Khdeir, was kidnapped in Jerusalem and brutally murdered by three Israelis. The murder set off a wave of Arab violence in Jerusalem.


The three killers were eventually found and arrested by police.

The state decided to classify Abu Khdeir as having been killed killed by terrorists in a terror attack.

The Abu Khdeir family asked Bituach Leumi to remove his name from the list of terror victims and the memorial, and they complied.

Abu Khdeir’s father said he hadn’t been informed that his son’s name would be added to the memorial, nor did he want his son’s name added.

He said he only wanted his son’s killers punished and justice be done.



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