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Masked Palestinians throw stones at Israeli security forces during clashes in the Shuafat refugee camp on the outskirts of Jerusalem. (Feb. 2013)

( Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday said that the rules of engagement will be changed in light of numerous stone-throwing incidents on the Temple Mount and elsewhere. He reiterated the need to treat throwers of stones and Molotov cocktails as terrorists. Netanyahu spoke at the inauguration of the railway line from Netivot to Be’er Sheva.

The Prime Minister has already approved the initiative of the Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan, to use sharpshooters against rioters firing petrol bombs in Jerusalem. Erdan proposed the sharpshooters use Ruger rifles, a highly accurate sporting weapon, using small caliber bullets to reduce the possibility of death.


On Tuesday night, security professionals told the prime minister that a planned change of the rules of engagement required more time, but Netanyahu insisted on an immediate plan to change the rules of engagement in the entire Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria areas. He requested imposing severe punishments on stone and firebomb throwers, with very heavy penalties for minors and their parents.

According to Israel Today, during the Tuesday night discussion participants weighed five year prison terms for stone throwers, 10 years for throwing Molotov cocktails, coupled with a $25,000 fine and the confiscation of property in lieu of payment. Netanyahu asked Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked and Internal Security Minister Gilad Erdan to make sure that it would be feasible to apply the penalties, stressing they were important deterrents.

The Prime Minister on Wednesday visited the area in east Jerusalem where Alexander Leblovitz, 64, was murdered by a stone thrower on the eve of Rosh Hashanah, and Route 443, where there have been multiple incidents of stone throwing. Netanyahu stated after the tour: “We’re changing the policy. The current situation is not acceptable to us, and we intend to provide the tools to both soldiers and police to act firmly against stone and Molotov cocktail throwers. … We are going to adopt changes in the rules of engagement and in minimum sentences, applying minimum sentences for throwers of Molotov cocktails and stones.”

In a sobering note to Israeli Arabs, who have been throwing rocks at Jewish-owned cars inside the green line, Netanyahu stressed “I’m not just talking about the routes leading to Jerusalem or about Jerusalem proper, I am also talking about the Galilee and the Negev.”


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  1. I’m glad they are finally stepping up their game!. …but you know that somewhere in the near future, one of these guys who gets hit by a sniper will be caught on video, then totally taken either out of context or without showing what led to get hit, and the whole world be shouting again that the Israelis are murderers…..then again….they’re already doing that anyway, and it never matters what Israel does ever, they Always get blamed or criticized and hated….so, go Bibi! Am Yisrael Chai!

  2. Not bad but think "shame" not martyrdom. It would be the most gloriously important these thugs will ever be in their lives. On the onther hand, a packet of extra concentrated "skunk" with the kind of dye used in bank robberiesand even something extremely "unclean" that turn their heroism into a socially embarrassing idiocy might be something else.. Especially if you then start arresting the fool and raining down penalties that are embarrassing financial drains on their families. And don't forget loss of Israeli benefits, residency rights and so on..

  3. BIBI…police should be told to “shoot to kill” and we’ll see how quickly this ends! Stop coddling these terrorists ONCE AND FOR ALL!!!! Besides, we don’t need to waste our money jailing these monsters and then they will kidnap more Israelis/IDF in order to swap them for their murderers! This has to stop…NOW!!!

  4. All the cameras will see is a head exploding and it will look like the will of G_d. The next law should be for the camera people. They should be charged as an accessory to incitement of terror, because without them the terrorists would not have a photo from a 1 hour staged provocative attempt to get a reaction that looks like a Israeli is in the wrong.

  5. No, Richard Charron, they don’t need the world’s approval. I just don’t like that the world is so against them and hate to see it worsen. They’re doing right. They’re doing what they must do. But I want things to get better, not worse for Israel.


  7. In my humble opinion the soldiers and the police should use real bullets because we are in a war. If one of these animal is caught he should be stripped for all benefits he get from the Gvt. If these stone throwers are juvenile the parents should be penalised by stripping them all benefits. We are punishing the so called settlers harsher than our enemies and that's a shame. Repeat offenders should be stipped from their Israeli citizenship and should be to Gaza where they will be treated as heros! Good for them. Good ridden.

  8. On the one hand we say they are terrorists (and they are) but on the other hand we son't want to hurt them. "Erdan proposed the sharpshooters use Ruger rifles, a highly accurate sporting weapon, using small caliber bullets to reduce the possibility of death."
    Because God forbid we might kill these terrorists.

  9. Thats great.Its about time.Too many innocent people have been injured or killed by these stone throwers,including infants.Its time for these terrorists to pay dearly for all the heartaches they have caused.Its too bad we have a muslim fraud puke in the White House.He sure won't stand up for Americans or Jews,only his muslim terrorist buddies.

  10. We cannot act as they do because they are a primitive, ignorant, hate-mongering, violent people. However, we must act to protect ourselves…this plan does just that in a disciplined, civilized way, as reason does not work with these squatters in the Land of Israel.

  11. They are nothing Less than Terrorists in Training they excersize their lessons on hatred and who could expect anything more from them after the brainwashing that they are raised with ! And I agree with BIBI that Snipers should be allowed only instead of using live ammunition they should use tranquilizer Darts and after sedating their enemies they should apprehend them and process them through the Israeli Judicial system .Shalom

  12. I agree with what Israel proposes on doing to domestic terrorists. If you see someone with a Molotov Cocktail, shoot the Molotov Cocktail Let the gas do to the thrower what he/she had intended for the innocent party they were going to attack.

  13. Jack Buckmeir It doesn't exempt anyone…a terrorist should be dealt with like a terrorist…stopped, cut short, ended, eliminated. A good man should be encouraged, praised, welcomed and loved…our deeds and actions should reveal which way we should likewise be treated.

  14. It's God's land for the Jews. They should stop the terrorist in their tracks to avoid any more innocents being killed. Getting into a rock throwing contest would not be the most effective way to save lives. I was awe struck when I read that they want to avoid killing the terrorist if at all possible. This has to be the love of God working in them to forgive and have compassion on their attackers

  15. God's land yeah, for the Jews NO, for everyone! Your deluded, they talk of mercy but do the opposite. How many U.N resolutions and world opposition have they defied since 1967? Gaza is the world's largest open air prison, denied food, medicine, building materials. Your doing what Hitler done to the Jews! Shame on you.

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