Photo Credit: Miriam Alster/Flash90
American-born Ron Dermer, Prime Minister Netanyahu’s senior adviser, now is Israel’s next Ambassador to the U.S.

A source in the Prime Minister’s office said that PM Netanyahu is not planning to replace Israel’s Ambassador to the US Ron Dermer, according to Galey Tzahal.

The Obama administration, besides their open dislike for Netanyahu, apparently aren’t enamored by Ambassador Ron Dermer either, and the administration has purportedly demanded that Netanyahu replace him.


The source was responding to the rumors that Dermer would instead be made Ambassador to the UN, and either Yuval Steinitz or Ron Prosor would replace him.


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  1. Our POTUS can’t even run this Country properly. Why does he keep messing with Israel? They’ve got a better economy than ours, made their desert bloom, desalinized the Ocean, and have given more help on a sustained basis to to other Nations in trouble, like Haiti, and saved Spain’s Olive trees.

  2. How can we accommodate the President of the USA?
    1-replace Netanyahu.
    2-replace Ron Dermer( he’s doing too good a job).
    3-replace all of us living in Israel.
    Just a note, we certainly do have our differences , we dispute everything and criticize all. But in the end, we do stick together. Did I mention that we don’t have any intention of moving anywhere!

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