Photo Credit: Hatzalah Judea and Samaria

Btselem isn’t the only one that has cameras in the field.

A video was released by Hatzalah Judea & Samaria. It was filmed next to the ambulance crew evacuating the wounded IDF soldier following yesterday’s terror attack in Hebron.


Two terrorists attacked a soldier. The terrorists were shot and killed. But one was shot and killed after he was wounded, and some are claiming it was an extra-judicial execution due to a video released by Btselem.

But this new video sheds a different light on the entire incident.

As they were evacuating the wounded IDF soldier, who was physically near the wounded and still moving terrorist, the crew and the IDF began to be concerned the terrorist was wearing a suicide belt, as he was wearing a zipped up jacket on a very warm day.

In the video you see and hear one medic then start yelling that the terrorist is still alive and moving and he is afraid the terrorist is going to get up and attack them.

An IDF soldier then says the terrorist apparently has a bomb on him, and no one is to touch him until the sappers arrive.

At that point, a soldier shot and killed the wounded terrorist whom they all suspected was wearing a suicide belt – removing the imminent threat to the lives of the soldiers and emergency medical crew who were evacuating the wounded IDF soldier.

The soldier has been arrested and may be tried for murder.


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  1. As I said yesterday the soldier is no hero he was doing his job the way he was tought. nothing more nothing less.As far as arresting him well politicians do not think straight and sometimes they give in to the effects of the funny weed and make some monumental mistakes

  2. When you attempt to kill innocent people you give up your right to be shown any mercy. The IDF shows far more consideration for murderers than anyone could reasonably expect. If this soldier perceived a threat from this man then his actions were fully justified.

  3. Hamas has no concept of extra judicial anything.
    They just kill.
    However, Israel has the moral and legal obligation
    To follow its laws in such situations. Does it really matter to the world? No. But at least we can show we are a country of laws. Next time, it's best to make sure there are no cameras or adverse witnesses around befor you shoot someone in the head. It's a war.

  4. The soldier is the victim here… and, by extension, the civilians that tsahal and the police WILL BE AFRAID TO ACT DECISIVELY IN THE FUTURE, for fear of being victimised afterwards i.e. of being the scapegoat of the clear conscience of the authorities who are agreeing to decry his actions – to please the fickle West. This already happened with the Tel Aviv attack. There was a civilian who gave chase AND COULD HAVE USED IS GUN BUT DID NOT! This will happen again and again – terrorists will not be effetively neutralized because of fear of being victimized by the state afterwards!

  5. "WE are at war", and these terrorists were out to kill. The old testement teaches an eye for an eye… the Jew that it their law, if this terrorist was a treat still and had a bomb then the soldier was justified….I think they'l find he was concerened about an active threat.

  6. The biased inept world leaders influence and scares the Israeli Gov. that they have to watch and justify every move they make, and frankly we should not care what the world say, or think, as in their eyes we R "bad" our IDF R "evil" no matter what we do or how we act.

  7. When a terrorist who is attempting to kill, has already succeeded in stabbing a soldier, and is subsequently neutralised in the course of such wilfully attempted murder — and atop such potential to murder, this terrorist is wearing a thick, heavy jacket in warm weather, which could quite possibly be concealing a suicide vest — should a soldier think twice prior to shooting to kill, thereby giving this terrorist the second he needs to activate the explosive device attached to his suicide belt, and subsequently be given the chance to successfully kill all those around him?

    Hmmm … I don't think so! Rather, this soldier should be thanked for not putting the lives of all those around him at risk. When the danger level to soldiers and innocent civilians around him rises, the risks that such soldiers are willing to take decreases accordingly. There are far too many potentially threatening obstacles in place, counteracting the subsequent moral justice debate. This soldier operated in accordance with a code of conduct developed for fighting terrorism. AND, BRAVO — good on him!

  8. Under international law, a terrorist disguised as a civilian is automatically an illegal combatant, not subject to the same protection under the Geneva conventions as a wounded enemy soldier would have been. This is purely a question of whether the Israeli soldier followed Israeli policies and rules of engagement. The terrorist already gave up his rights.

  9. The Israeli politicians are clearly at fault for raising such alarm for the justified killing by an armed soldier of a potential terrorist murderer of innocent people. Why don't these politicians reserve their rant, rethoric & rage for rightful vengence against the murderous palestinian conspirators who enjoy full privileges from the State of Israel and commit treason & treachery…

  10. These idiotic Israeli politicians are clearly at fault for their defensive stance exhibiting unfound fear & nervousness for the justified killing by an armed soldier of a potential terrorist murderer of innocent people. For sure it's not their case that the soldier was out of his senses. For sure he acted to ward off apprehension of one more shameful Jewish massacre in our own country. Why don't these politicians reserve their rant, rethoric & rage for rightful vengence against the murderous palestinian conspirators who enjoy full privileges from the State of Israel and commit treason & treachery…

  11. When will we hear calls for hamas, the plo, and hezbollah to be tried for THEIR ( real ) crimes Iran and Hezbollah were indicted and are surely guilty of murdering the Lebanese PM and mass murder in Buenos Ares. The haters have no problem with that, but Jews defending themselves? Cry genocide! One expects that from the antisemites, excuse me, anti-zionists, but from israel itself? Nominees for this year's Quisling Award

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