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Israel’s Family Court has ordered the Interior Ministry to list both mothers on the birth certificates of children of gay couples.

The ruling, to cover both the biological and adoptive mothers, came after a petition to the court by attorney Daniela Yaakovi, representing three couples of two “mothers.”


Each case was won by Yaakovi, who said Sunday, “These are precedent-setting rulings, in practice an expression of the existing situation and the parental connection that is established from the moment of birth.

“They will end the discriminatory practice of the Interior Ministry which refuses to issue birth certificates with the names of two parents of the same sex.”

The ruling did not address cases where the couples involved two men.



  1. Sorry–but a baby can only have 1 (one) mother. Israel–it seems as if you are turning away from the things of G-d. Be VERY careful. You need to reaf the book of Judges, to see what happens when you turn away from G-d, & the things of G-d.

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