Ateret Kohenim, an organization that is a leader in the national religious movement, plans to inaugurate a new yeshiva just before Passover next month, near the Damascus Gate in a predominantly Arab area immediately outside the walls of the Old City.

Ateret Kohenim, which also operates yeshiva in the Muslim Quarter of the Old City, bought the property, reportedly from the Bezek communications company.


The French news agency AFP reported Thursday that a government official confirmed the move and said the organization is finishing up renovations in hopes of opening its doors before the Passover festival begins in less than three week.


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  1. The Ateres Cohanim should open a Kollel in the (Cenacle) the Upper Room of King David's Tomb, on Mount Zion, before our Government (of the delegitimised State(less) of Israel confirms a deal with the Custos (Franciscans), the Pope/Vatican! They better be quick about it!

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