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Yesterday, reported that the Israeli police are looking for armed citizens to join “Mishmar Ezrachi” (Civilian Auxilary Patrols), and then we gave some background information and a link to a Nefesh b’Nefesh (NBN) page with information on applying for a gun license with the Israeli Gun Licensing Bureau.

We want to take this opportunity to clear up a few misunderstandings.


For all the Olim calling up Nefesh B’Nefesh (a wonderful organization that helps many Olim) – the information on their page is for informational purposes only. Nefesh B’Nefesh cannot assist with the gun application or licensing process.

Furthermore, we want to clarify a few more important points that may have confused some Olim who have been calling up NBN since that article was published.

You cannot apply for your gun license on the plane and receive it with your Teudat Zehut when you land – you must reside in Israel for 3 years from the date you made Aliyah.

Ditto for applying for a gun license at the Consulate in New York before you make Aliyah.

You cannot convert your US gun license into an Israeli gun license. It’s not like a driver’s license, and even driver’s licenses aren’t automatically converted anymore.

If you can’t read the gun license application form, you can’t apply for a gun license, as basic knowledge of Hebrew is a prerequisite. If you need to ask NBN for help with the form, you probably shouldn’t be filling it out.

 NBN does not offer special protekzia to help shorten your gun license application’s processing time. It’s slow. The government apparently wants it that way.

You cannot take a gun onto the plane or in your lift (without special preauthorization). This should be self-evident, but just in case it’s not, we’re telling you.

As an aside, while new guidelines came out today as to who can get a private gun license, they aren’t much different than the old guidelines.

Now, all IDF officers can apply regardless of rank, policemen with 2 years on the force can apply, and citizens in certain towns may have a better chance of receiving a license than before – but we yet haven’t seen which towns or cities those might be.

If you aren’t yet deterred, you can apply for a gun license at this link to Israel’s Gun Licensing Bureau, and to be clear,  not with or through Nefesh B’Nefesh.



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