Photo Credit: IDF Spokesperson
The bodies of IDF soldiers Oron Shaul, Hadar Goldin, both murdered in Operation Protective Edge by Arab terrorists from Gaza - were taken and held hostage - by Hamas.

The family of Sgt. Oron Shaul announced today that on Sunday they will be blocking all humanitarian aid traffic that is going to the Kerem Shalom border crossing, according to Israel radio.

Oron Shaul was killed in action in 2014, during Operation Protective Edge. Hamas stole his body from the battlefield and refuses to return it. Lt. Hadar Goldin was also killed in that war, and Hamas also stole his body.


The Shaul family is demanding the body of their son back.

They will begin the blocking the road on Sunday morning.



  1. Every mosque that this evil satanic monster worshiped in should be burnt to the ground and destroyed. Going after the terrorists homes is not a strong enough deterrent since Iran and others pays for new homes after a successful event. This insanity will continue until the Jewish nation finally gets the guts to do what has to be done once and for all.

    Jewish lives matter!!

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