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The flag of France, flown during a White House ceremony.

The David Ben Ichay Synagogue in Paris was his by a bullet late Monday evening. The bullet went through a closed window and just missed hitting the rabbi and his assistant in their office.

The attack happened around 9:30PM.


French police confirmed the attack on the synagogue on rue Andre-Danjon, in Paris’s 19th district. The police suspect two gunmen were involved, but their identity is unknown.

France and France’s Jewish community have seen a severe escalation in Islamic and antisemitic attacks as of late.

This past week there were two Islamic run-over attacks, last month a Jewish family was violently attacked in their home.



  1. Time for the resistance to reform,this time with Jewish members. Armed to the teeth and prepared to fight back. Once they start dying in droves they will either stop or the french government will be forced to actually do something about the Muslim bad guys!

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