Smotrich in Paris: No Such Thing as ‘Palestinian People’

JNF-KKL, but it announced it was removing its sponsorship because of Smotrich's participation.

Leftist Hooligans Storm Aliyah Event in Paris

Hani Zubida from Reichman University gloated at the attack.

Netanyahu Tells French Media He Is Considering Delivering Iron Dome to Ukraine

However, Netanyahu stressed that he could not "make a definitive promise."

Netanyahu to French Jewish Investors: ‘You Need Cyber Security, Big Data’

“I don’t care what you’re investing in, you should use, you should explore advanced AI in Israel . . . people who do that will succeed, and people who don’t do that will fall behind."

Netanyahu and Macron Meet in Paris and Discuss Iran

The main topic of their discussions was about Iran and the joint efforts to fight Iran's aggression and its aspiration to obtain nuclear weapons.

Netanyahu to Meet in Paris with French President Macron

In a phone call earlier this week, Macron “expressed France’s full and complete solidarity with Israel in its fight against terrorism,” and reiterated “France’s unwavering attachment to Israel’s security,”

Israeli Police Arrest Man Posing as French Official to Defraud Diplomats

While searching the suspect’s house, police found fraudulent royal seals.

Iran Blames ‘Zionists’ for Charlie Hebdo’s Ali Khamenei Cartoons

“Charlie Hebdo’s insult reveals Zionism has taken advantage of media to promote anti-Islamic sentiments and foment hate and division among societies and people.”

Kurdish Protesters Riot in Paris After Mass Shooting Aimed at Community

The attack has yet to be classified as a terror incident.

A Thousand Moroccan & French Jewish 12th Graders Celebrate in Jerusalem, Urged to Make...

"Come study at the academic institutions in Israel. They belong to us, they belong to you.”

Unhappy Arabs Riot Over Morocco’s World Cup Loss to France

A 14-year-old fan of Morocco was killed while trying to rip the flag of France from a vehicle traveling in Montpellier. The driver allegedly panicked and hit the teen while trying to escape the mob.

French President Macron Calls to Congratulate Netanyahu on Election Win

During their conversation, Netanyahu accepted an invitation from Macron to visit Paris.

IDF’s Kochavi Sends Explicit Warning to Lebanon

Kochavi showed the French general which Lebanese targets would be destroyed if Hezbollah attacked.

Armenians Attack Azerbaijani Embassies

A similar attack was carried out earlier by Lebanese Armenians against the Azerbaijani embassy in Beirut.

France: Jewish Man Butchered by His Housemate

Initially the suspect told investigators the victim owed him 100 euros, but later admitted that he murdered him because he was Jewish.

Macron to Lebanese Newspaper: Lebanon ‘Would Not Survive a New Conflict on the Southern...

Macron also said he wanted to see those responsible for the Beirut port disaster being put on trial and punished.

Lapid Warns Macron Israel Will Not ‘Sit Back and Do Nothing’ About Iranian Threat

“Hezbollah . . . tries to attack us with Iranian rockets and UAVs. Israel will not sit back and do nothing, given these repeated attacks."

Report: Elderly French Jew Thrown Out of 17th Floor Window by Muslim Neighbor

“Why was he defenestrated? Was it a dispute between neighbors? Was his defenestration antisemitic?"

Go Figure: Macron Wins by 57.4%, Euro Falls Against the Dollar to $1.07725

Macron clashed with Polish prime minister Mateusz Morawiecki, calling him a "far-right antisemite."

If Le Pen Wins, She’ll Ban Kosher Shechita in France

Marine Le Pen could not care less about kosher meat, foreign or domestic. Her target is the Muslims.

French Presidential Hopeful Marine Le Pen: Jerusalem Must be Capital of Two States

Jewish organizations call to “barrage” the extreme right candidate and vote for incumbent Emmanuel Macron

Pushed by Presidential Candidates, French Police Investigate Death of Disabled Jewish Man

According to Jeremy Cohen's family, the victim's white yarmulke was found by investigators at the scene.

Iran Nuclear Talks Suspended After Russia Adds Ukraine-Linked Demands

European Union foreign affairs chief Joseph Borrell said a “pause” in the nuclear talks was needed “due to external factors.”

French Foreign Minister: Nuclear Deal Next Week Unless Iran Sabotages It

Meanwhile, 200 Republican lawmakers promised in a letter to Beiden to oppose any agreement that would lift US sanctions on Iran.

Israel Tackling ‘Passport Aliyah’ Abuse of Law of Return by American, French, Russian Jews

Many Jews immigrate to Israel under the Law of Return, but do not intend to stay.

Nearly Half of French Jews Hide Religious Symbols, Finds AJC Study on Antisemitism

Some 32 percent of parents say their children have been the target of anti-Semitic insults, with 18 percent say their children have been physically attacked in 2021.

Antisemitic Incidents in France Rose by 75% in 2021

Physical violence during antisemitic incidents rose by 36 percent over the previous year.


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