Marine Le Pen’s 2022 Presidential Campaign Targeted by Investigation

Although begun in 2023, the fact that this investigation is becoming above-the-fold news in France's media may be a sign of things to come under the new extreme-left-led majority in the Assembly.

French Aliyah on Steroids May Follow Antisemitic Far-Left Victory

Some 700,000 French Jews are eligible to make Aliyah under the Law of Return.

Netanyahu’s Confidante Meyer Habib Lost his Assembly Seat to Macron’s Candidate

Habib has been considered PM Benjamin Netanyahu's confidant for years and was involved in various aspects of the relationship between Israel and France during Netanyahu's tenure.

Extreme Left Outmaneuvers National Right in France’s 2nd Round Elections, Recognition of Palestinian State...

Mélenchon firmly supports Palestinian statehood and is critical of Israel, describing it as a colonial state.

Grandmother of Israeli MK Beaten Up in Paris Suburb by Arabs

MK Sharren Haskel accused the French government of failing to protect the country's Jewish community from violence.

Nationalist Right Dominates France’s First Round of Snap Elections

The composition of the upcoming legislature hinges significantly on how Macron and left-wing parties guide their supporters in the next vote.

Two Charged in Terror Plot Against Jewish Targets in France

The pair connected online and were planning "a violent action notably aimed at Jewish targets," according to a report.

Three Boys Indicted for Antisemitic Rape of 12-Year-Old Jewish Girl in Paris

The girl was reportedly dragged into an abandoned location by the three minors, called "a dirty Jew" and threatened with death.

Hamas Conditions Hostage Deal on Permanent IDF Withdrawal, Chinese and Turkish Guarantees

Blinken noted regarding Hamas, “you have to question whether they’re proceeding in good faith or not.”

Right-Wing Parties Dominate French, German European Parliament Vote, Macron Declares Snap Elections

The European Parliament election results represent an earthquake regarding EU policy toward Israel, which has been growing increasingly hostile.

Israeli Firms Shut Out of Major French Defense Exhibition Over Rafah

The number of Muslims in France is currently estimated at five percent, or 3.35 million. In contrast, there are 500,000 Jews living in France -- just 0.7353 percent of the population.

US Pressuring France, Britain Not to Censure Iran Over Increase in Near-Weapons Grade Uranium...

US officials warn that Iran currently possesses enough highly enriched uranium to fuel three nuclear weapons, once converted.

Paris Memorial Vandalized on Anniversary of Roundup of City’s Jews

On October 12, 2000, just before Sukkot, Vadim Nurzhitz and Yossi Avrahami were stopped at a Palestinian Authority roadblock and detained by PA policemen...

France Bars Entry of Shifa Surgeon following Germany’s Ban over his ‘Hatred for Israel’

Abu-Sitta used his 43 days in Shifa and al-Ahli hospitals to issue "eyewitness reports” of what he claimed was a “massacre unfolding” in Gaza.

Jewish Woman Reports Rape, Assault to ‘Avenge Palestine’

The suspect has been charged with kidnapping and religiously-motivated death threats.

Macron: Forced Transfer of Civilians from Rafah a ‘War Crime’

The French president has accused Israel of killing women and children in Gaza.

Honenu to Defend Israelis Sanctioned by US, UK, France

"We expect the Israeli government to make it clear to those known as 'our friends overseas' that it will not allow this injustice to take place."

Freed Hostages Say Prescribed Medication Never Delivered to Them in Gaza

French Foreign Minister Stephane Sejourne warned during his visit to Israel that there would be "serious consequences" if it was discovered that the medications were not delivered as promised.

France Offers Hezbollah Withdrawal Deal 9 Miles Short of UNSC 1701

A month ago, Hezbollah rejected a similar proposal by US envoy Amos Hochstein.

Macron Pledges ‘France Will Never Forget Victims of October 7

"Sixty-eight million French people mourn the Hamas attack ... Whoever kills through hatred will always find love opposing them."

Report: Netanyahu Unable to Enlist the US and France in Pushing Hezbollah North of...

Netanyahu’s war cabinet apparently cannot count on American military support should it decide to make good on Minister Gallant’s threat.

French Aliyah Skyrocketing Since Start of October 7th War

By 1 pm Paris time, 1,045 people were already there. Young families, students, those before enlistment age and after; everyone was there.

Al Akhbar: US, France Pressure Lebanon to Move Hezbollah North of Litani River

The US and France put a gun on the Lebanese government’s table.

France Warns Lebanon: Rein In Hezbollah or Face New DMZ Buffer Zone

Lebanon's response: "“No one can impose conditions, amendments or new arrangements on Lebanon, and any step in this direction would be rejected and confronted by us."

Islamist Yelling ‘Allah Akbar’ Stabs German Tourist to Death near Eiffel Tower

This incident follows a similar attack in Arras, France, less than two months ago.

France Issues Arrest Warrant for Syria’s President Assad

The Syrian president, his brother and two other officials are charged charged with complicity in war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Germany’s Olaf Scholz Offers Best Response to Canada’s Justin Trudeau

Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau: "The world is witnessing this: the killing of women and children, of babies. This has to stop."

Jewish Woman Stabbed in France, Attacker Paints Swastika on Door

The woman was taken to a local emergency room and is not in a life-threatening condition.

Paris Buildings Belonging to Jews ‘Marked’ with Jewish Stars

Since the Oct. 7 massacre of Israeli civilians and soldiers by Hamas terrorists invading Israel from Gaza, 819 antisemitic incidents were recorded in France.


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