Jerusalem police have accelerated the shutdown of the Temple Mount to Jews and have barred them entry until next Sunday, sparking a planned protest rally for 7:30 Wednesday morning at the Mugrahbim Bridge entrance to the holy site form the Western Wall plaza.

The police are keeping the Temple Mount open only for Muslims because of their celebrations at the end of Ramadan.


The Temple mount was closed to non-Muslims for a large period of the current Hebrew month of Av and beginning of Elul.

One the days that Jews were allowed to ascend, they were subject to abuse and harassment by Muslims and their visits often were shortened by police.



  1. OMG – there is going to be a protest at the same time the Women of the Wall are planning to blow Shofar at the wall. Nothing left to do but watch. Meanwhile a sports team thinks the Kotel is a place of holiness where people drop their differences and show respect to a higher power.

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