Photo Credit: Israel Police
Two M-16 rifles found in the trunk of a car - March 10, 2016

On Thursday evening, at a surprise police roadblock in the Jordan Valley, at the Pitzael junction, police discovered an Arab car with two M-16 rifles hidden in the trunk.

The 2 suspects in the car were arrested.


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  1. The knifings of Jews is a financal thing. The knife welder parents get a cash payment if he dies or a monthsly stipend idd the attacker goes to an Isralie Prison. If the Isralie Airforce launched a massive air strike on the PLO Financial Minestery the cash payments would come to an end. Has to be massive enough to distroy all records of who is supposed to be paid.

  2. You fight fire with fire. The PLO is winning. One day if you don't fight back you will wind up with no Country. Then, where will the Jews of the World be. Just look at the history of the PLO's struggle to overtake Israel. Inch by inch is their stratagy. Life by life every day untill the left cries surrender so loud that it will drown out Bib, and followers . Then it will be to late. Obama is laying the ground work for a take over of Israel by the UN. So now you have Obama working with the PLO and the EU all workinmg against Israel. If Donald Trump looses the Republican nomination and The Dems win the White House there will be no more US support for Israel – just talk. Will Bernie Sanders let 7,000,000,000 Jews into
    the US ? (HIllary will probably be in jail) The next 2 years could be a downwoard spiral for Israel.

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