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Pope Francis of the Vatican, at the Western Wall.

Catholics should be “responsible” parents and not “breed like rabbits,” Pope Francis commented to reporters while traveling from the Philippines Monday.

He still is against contraception and noted that the church has approved other ways to make sure there are not too many Bugs Bunny Catholics running around


“God gives you methods to be responsible,” he said, adding that natural birth control should be practiced by avoiding relations when a woman is able to conceive.

So much for the first mitzvah in the Bible, unless the Old Testament no longer exists for Catholics.

Jewish law takes a direct opposite approach and prohibits a man from even touching a woman when he is ritually impure and cannot conceive.

The pope is consistent his disregarding ancient texts. Not only did does he dismiss the first mitzvah, he also chose to use rabbits as his analogy instead of citing a Talmudic text in Berachot 22a, where rabbis teach that couples should take it easy on intimate relations and practice a bit of self-restraint and not act like “roosters.”

Maybe the pope prefers rabbits because they are not kosher.

The pope also lambasted “ideological colonization,” meaning countries conditioning aid to the promotion on birth control and permissiveness, if not encouragement, of homosexuality.

“Every people deserves to conserve its identity without being ideologically colonized,” Pope Francis said.

So it seems that the pope wants to encourage the holiness of family by restricting sexual relations, especially if it means having more children who can build more families.

But too much birth control has backfired in the past.

Isn’t the virgin Mary the mother of Catholicism?



  1. Pope doesn’t follow the Bible, he flashes illuminati signs and calls his denomination christian in an attempt to sully a good religion all while persecuting real christians. There is a saying about Catholics: “there is no such thing as a devout Catholic, because once a catholic becomes devout and starts reading the bible, he will wake up and stop being a catholic.”

  2. What he’s trying to say is ” be a responsible parents” In a country like Philippines which is my country with a 101 million population and our resources are getting smaller and our people finding a greener pasture overseas because our government can’t be able to create more jobs for his citizens? I think what Pope Francis said is based on whAt he observed in his 5 days visits in the Philippines. And as a catholic i really understands of what his into. His just giving advice like a father to his sons/daughters. And as a pre-dominantly catholic country we’re embracing his advice

  3. 1. the Pope is the leader of the Catholic church, not the Gerer Rebbe's alter-ego
    2. If he discourages massive, unrestricted breeding, it's because he sees the dangers of poverty in populations without any growth limits beyond utter starvation
    3. He's to be commended for taking a stand which flies in the face of centuries of ignoring the realities of unlimited family size on development in children

    4. What the Pope says is none of your business

  4. I know many Christians who have anything from 5-13 children and they are not starving. God cares for His children and provides for them if His commandments are written in your heart He will look after you and see that you have a job and give you the strength to do it.

  5. This guy is almost as bad an as Obama. What a clown! Condoms are a no and so is any form of contraception for women as well as abortion so what now pope? I agree on abortion but the rest? Please stop speaking and rather pray more for your own salvation for all the lies in the catholic church. Leave the rest alone. Every time you open your mouth the more your colours show.

  6. Sharonsaunders.what the pope mean is you should not let yourself having so many children beyond your capacity to raised them can have your sex whole day long but avoid getting your flocks multifly like a flies that you dont have the ability of raising and giving them security in thier future.

  7. The Pope is naive to the reality of the world which is that the Muslims are the ones breeding like rabbits and will soon take over the entire world. Western countries today are averaging around 1.6 births per couple with some as low as 1.2. We aren't even producing enough children to maintain our current populations. How many children are Muslim couples having on average? 8.1! 8.1 children per couple vs 1.6. How long do you think it's going to be before every country on Earth has a Muslim majority and is under Sharia law? If Christians and Jews do not start producing more children, they will die out under the sheer weight of numbers.

  8. catholic priests….should not breed like rabbits…and people who live in places with lack of space…Catholic have 3 continents…and when Church unites with Orthodox…will have 5-6 continents…North America, South America, Australia, Russia, Europe…which is 5

  9. Wow was that cliché. Probably slightly more than half of catholics are men. Women require sperm to breed like rabbits, not necessarily with a man present.Even with one present, a condom is of utilitarian use without a woman doing anything to her body. If you want to have multiple unterminated pregnancies, that's your choice. No one is stopping you. I do like your image of "get out of the uterus" but really isn't it little boys they need to get out of?.

  10. Hilary Flexer All I did was state facts. Please explain how the religious leaders are doing anything to your rights over your own body, in this specific example. I don't give a fig for the pope or his edicts. You seem to be looking for a vent rather than finding one in this article. None of your stated opinions are credible. For example, "none worry as much," as opposed to "None worry more…"

  11. Gil Gilman thankfully they dont because i do not mingle with religious crowds. but i cant say that isnt true for other women. and if read my comment correctly, i wrote "get out of the uterus" not necessarily mine. although doctors are in my uterus literally. if i want cancer screening, i have to deal with the metal speculum and a man in a white coat grazing my cervix with a velcro swab. if i want a shot at having a safe "high risk" birth, i have to survive physical abuse and bullying and fear for the life of my unborn child. thankfully all my children are healthy though the hospital was a nightmare. you wouldnt know what its like to have a reproductive system that can be cut open by court order

  12. Gil Gilman problem is women lose control over their own bodies when they open their legs and then dont want to take responsibility for opening their legs to the opposite sex and have abortions instead. such irresponsibility is not a virtue

  13. I see what is happening here. This Pope is making this statement in order to make himself and the Roman Catholic Church more appealing to the world. The world’s powerful elite have made the proclamation that there are too many people in the world. They say, “the world can not sustain this kind or population growth because there are not enough natural resources“. This viewpoint is a worldly one and not a viewpoint that a Christian should hold.
    God has always given the command to be “fruitful and multiply” and yes, the Torah and Tanakh have given us understanding in this regard.
    The battle for the souls of men are ragging in these last days before the Real Church of Yeshua is taken away from this earth and Daniel’s seventieth week can begin. The separation of the people of the Light and those of the Dark is increasing at a rapid pace. This story is just one more indication of how little time people have to make their choice.

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