Photo Credit: Courtesy of Binyamin Regional Council
Palestinian Authority terror victims Naama and Rabbi Eitam Henkin.

Thousands of Israelis, including President Reuven Rivlin and Chief Rabbi David Lau, joined thousands of mourners at the funeral Friday for Palestinian Authority terror victims Rabbi Eitam and Naama Henkin.

The family requested that the funeral not be broadcast live.


Cabinet ministers and Knesset Members also were present.

The couple, leaving behind four small children from the ages of 8 months to 9 years, was buried at Har HaMenuchot Cemetery in Jerusalem.

Rabbi Henkin’s parents were born in the United States and made Aliyah to Israel. His father was a learned rabbi and author, and his mother founded the Nishmat Torah studies program for women in Jerusalem.

Rabbi Henkin also was a Torah scholar and served in the IDF Golani Combat Brigade. His wife Naama was a graphic artist and the daughter of an IDF officer who served in the elite commando unit.

Rabbi Lau said before the funeral:

You think about the children, you wonder who will bless them Erev Shabbat.

Who will be with them during the celebration of this holiday?

The pain is immense, but despite this pain, perhaps the People of Israel will decide that we are happy on the holiday.

Agriculture Minister Uri Ariel said:

This is a day of celebration of the holiday but also a difficult day for all of the people of Israel. This is a disgrace to the State of Israel. Terror continues in Jerusalem, on the Temple Mount, and throughout the country.


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  1. For G-d's sake, Israel you must use your military to put a stop to this at one. Our president is a fool and Russia is now running the world. In Israel shoot to kill those who want to kill you. No one cares about our dead but us, enough. I begged you not to vote for Obama , but most Jews did not listen. Now we are paying for it. How many innocent civilians must be murdered

  2. Enough with all these funerals. Israel was re-born as a haven for Jew's to escape persecution. However, every week, another Jew is murdered by these savages. When the criminals are caught, execute them. No jail time. Demolish their homes, deport thier families.

  3. why did Rivlin bother to come?. Why was he allowed to speak, many are furious about this. it is outrageous that those who white wash Arab terror and pretend it away while telling us that we are the problem, like Rivlin did, are tolerated at funerals at all. Not that many bother to come in the first place, but those in bed with terror have no damn right to be with Am Ysrael when we mourn the results of their insane wicked policies.

  4. The attacker WAS executed. Are you asking that the dead will not be buried or given a proper burial? Think before you write, please. And there are tens of thousands of attacks each year, most of which are thwarted. They are rising each year. We voters have tried to change things in elections, but that has not been successful so far. What do you propose?

  5. Robert, when someone is shooting, there is not any time to call out and warn them. It is either shoot or be shot. Your other point about observing Torah is important, but could you write something more rational please? Voters do the best they can with local elections, but we have people throwing ballots in the trash here, so my party did not even get one seat.

  6. Yonatan Rocha 1.Police posing as religious Jew's and walk the alleyway's of the Kotel.
    2.Close the Al-Aqsa Mosque until terrorism ceases.
    3.Return the dead terrorists wrapped with a pig.
    4. When mobs of Arabs gather to throw rocks at Jew's,fly an Apache, overhead, and pour boiling pig fat on the mob.
    5.Let the IDF fire directly at the terrorists. No more firing overhead. Kill a dozen of them today and I doubt if they will return tommorrow.
    6. Have soldiers or police travel at night in armored automobiles and when they are attacked, stop the car and return fire.
    Adoni, did I answer sufficiently?

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