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“Prisoner X,” the Australian citizen suspected of having been a Mossad agent before he was jailed in Israel and committed suicide in 2010, may have visited Iran, Lebanon and Syria, the Australian Age reported Wednesday.


The Fairfax Media Group, which owns the Age, said its reporter tried to interview Zygier in early 2010 concerning allegations that he was a Mossad agent. Zygier vehemently denied the charge. and said he had changed his name for personal reasons. It was revealed earlier this week that he traveled under the aliases of Ben Alon and Ben Allen, and Fairfax added he was also was known as Ben Burrows.

”I have never been to any of those countries that you say I have been to,” Zygier said as the time. ”I am not involved in any kind of spying. That is ridiculous.”

It is not known why he was jailed, but it is assumed his incarceration in a high security prison cell was due to suspicion that he committed a heinous crime, perhaps treason.