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Orthodox Jew at King David's Tomb in Old City of Jerusalem.

Hundreds of Jews, led by Breslov activist Rabbi Shalom Arush, barricaded themselves inside the lower hall of King David’s tomb on Mount Zion on Sunday morning to prevent a Christian Mass ceremony that was scheduled to take place there.

The lower hall is used as a Jewish prayer hall.


The Greek Orthodox Christians were forced to move their prayers to the Cenacle, the upper room above the tomb, where they believe the “Last Supper” was held. They plan to try again tomorrow to enter the lower hall of David’s Tomb.

Jerusalem City Council member Aryeh King wrote on Sunday morning:

“The battle over the future of David’s Tomb continues. I came this morning to pray at the grave site of the king of Israel, King David, on Mount Zion. The Greek Church today is seeking to hurt the feelings of the Jews and to conduct an idolatrous ceremony at the grave of our King, King David. I canceled all my meetings and my plans to be part of the mass prayer and singing and learning taking place now, until the evil decree is removed.”

According to Chareidim-1, another Jewish protester complained,

“There is no parallel phenomenon in the whole world, where police would evacuate a Jewish synagogue to make room for Christians to pray there. Mount Zion is crowded with Christian churches, many of which stand on top of the graves of kings from the Davidic line, but the Christians are not satisfied with that. It is most important for them to say their Christian prayers in the Jewish synagogue right above the entrance hall leading to King David’s tomb.”

There have been rumors that the previous government wanted to hand the whole building over to the Vatican, which caused major protests.

And of course there is the question of is King David really buried there at all?


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  1. I must respectfully disagree with you, Shoshana! We are not all Hashem’s children, that is another lie meant to deceive people. “In this the children of God are manifest, and the children of the devil: whosoever doeth not righteousness is not of God, neither he that loveth not his brother.” 1 John 3:10 This is a big deal! A very big deal. The Roman Catholic Church is not the TRUE church of God and we do not all co-exist with the Father of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob! The RCC has been instrumental in torturing and killing the true children of God since their very beginnings.

  2. Jews have always been taught that every man is our brother; we should live together and respect one another. RESPECT is paramount; something The Jewish People have been denied for centuries. It's not a good reflection on other religions to try to invade this holy and historic place; especially when they are free to worship all over The Land of Israel. They should respect this holy space and their Jewish brethren, who have done much to help humanity throughout the ages, no matter their religion.

  3. sorry Naomi, my upbringing taught me not to negate anyone since that is what others have done to Jews through history. It is our duty and mission to fight the views you have seem to so easily perpetuate. Hashem created all beings and every person has the possibility to repent and be closer to the creator. With enough positive and loving people in the world, the evil in our midst will be transformed. I have no problem with peace loving people praying in their own way side by side with me, in rotation or in a separate space shared by all, no matter what name we ascribe. That is what Judaism, the Torah of my ancestors has taught me. If those who follow a specific church preach peace, compassion and coexistence, then it is not up to me to determine who is right or wrong. I do know that violating another’s life via abuse, murder, and negation are wrong and anyone can choose a moral system that honors life.

  4. Get your facts straight, The Torah makes no mention of a virgin birth and there is no mention anywhere in the Jewish Texts of your man god either by name or implication. Another thing G-d is not flesh and did not become human. Numbers 23:19 G-d is not a man that He should lie, nor is He a mortal that He should relent. Hosea 11:9 for I am God and not a man. 1 Samuel 15:29 the Strength of Israel will neither lie nor repent, for He is not a man to repent. Go push your pagan beliefs and religion somewhere else.

  5. Audrey, ok, let me ask you this, you referred the word "maiden", What is a maiden? Can a maiden be considered a virgin? What happens when she marries and bears children, is she still considered a "maiden" then?

  6. With friends like you who needs enemies. We Jews have been victimized and persecuted for more than 2000 years and falsely accused of killing your fake man god by you and your fellow Christians. This is a Jewish site, go peddle your new testament crap somewhere else. Go proselytize to the muslims with your pagan religion and beliefs. We Jews will always reject your new testament nonsense. We have the greatest gift given to the world by Hashem , The Torah, and nowhere in Torah is any mention made of your fake man god, either by name or implication.

  7. I don't understand the conflict. The Upper Room or Cenacle is the room where Christian tradition says Jesus celebrated the first Eucharist. This is adjacent to but not in the same room as the alleged Tomb of King David. I had thought the Cenacle was actually under the Waqf that allowed Christians to hold prayer there but not establish a church on the site. As for these fanatic rabbis, there comments about Christians being "idolators" and defaming a Jewish site is offensive and primitive and as a Jew I find such comment repugnant. Christians are not idolators and their prayers are not such either. They have rights and a long history in Jerusalem as well as Jews.

  8. Larry,
    Chrustians have their OWN room there, ON TOP of ours. They do have Masses there I believe. (It is "their Christian business," what they do there. More over, if they want to come down to the Jewish room — no one would even ask them who they are. Now, why would they want to come down into the synagogue and interrupt a service there with their own rituals? The very fact that you think it is appropriate is actually quite offensive. And, on top of that you compare it to Jews not being allowed to pray at the Temple Mount, our Holiest site. A place where a Jew would get arrested if he or she prays…. Even in private….Without drawing attention to him or herself being a Jew. In a Jewish State….. Pretty amazing how you can draw such comparisons.

  9. More over, Larry, how would a Christian feel if acgroup of the Aristofarians, a Woodists, or New Age Hippies would insist on coming to the Christian room in that building, (or better, The Church of Bethlehem), to do THEIR rituals? Would you draw any similar conclusions? What if the Jews occupied the Last Supper Room to have a Seder on Passover?

  10. I am sorry, Larry, but the very fact that you are even saying this, is a pretty good evidence that we are, as you say, "alone in the world." Very often. And, it sounds like you do not feel we should ask for the same respect you want for yourself. ( see above my question about a member of a polytheistic religion invading your church to … consecrate it to their Deity of choice…)

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