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A Breaking the Silence Hebron tour

( “Breaking the Silence,” an organization of veteran IDF combatants who have served since the start of the Second Intifada and are committed “to expose the Israeli public to the reality of everyday life in the Occupied Territories,” is financed by an organization operating within the Palestinian Authority, claims the “Implants Report,” issued on Sunday by Im Tirtzu.

According to the Im Tirtzu report, between 2013 and 2015 Breaking the Silence received $1,352,500 through the governments of Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Ireland, Norway, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, the UK, and the EU.


Breaking the Silence received between 2008 and 2014 from the anti-Zionist New Israel Fund $707,300.

And the same organization received $303,500 plus an additional emergency grant from the Palestinian Fund Secretariat for Human Rights and International Law, operating out of Palestinian Authority controlled Ramallah—which has noted in its 2015 report that it paid Breaking the Silence to bring them at least one negative testimony against the IDF. Breaking the Silence provided 57 testimonies.

That same Ramallah-based fund has explicitly stated that the purpose of the core grant to Breaking the Silence is to support the propaganda campaigns the organization conducts in Europe and the United States among opinion makers, politicians and the Jewish community, to change public perception of the IDF and the Jewish State.

That same Ramallah-based fund paid Breaking the Silence to investigate alleged war crimes committed during the 2014 Gaza war by IDF fighters. Thanks to the Arab fund’s grant, Breaking the Silence was able to release its report on Operation Protective Edge.

In 2015 it was revealed that foreign state entities have been paying Breaking the Silence to get “as many soldiers as possible” to testify about committing actions that violate human rights.

Although the organization states its audience as being the Israeli public, who needs to be exposed to the reality of the IDF operations in the “occupied territories,” much of its efforts are devoted to spreading the anti-Israel message abroad. In 2015, Breaking the Silence conducted at least nine events worldwide aimed at accusing the IDF of war crimes. Two of the events were held in Scotland. One was sponsored by the anti-Israeli organization Medical Aid for Palestine (MAP). The other by the anti-Israeli Scottish National Party (SNP). Other events were held in Zurich, Switzerland, Luxembourg, and Madrid, Spain. Three more events were held in November in the US and the Netherlands.

In November, Major (retired) Amit Edri posted videos showing how Breaking the Silence lie to foreign tourists about “war crimes” committed by the IDF. Watch the video—every single piece of information is a complete or half lie:

Here is a video of an anti-Semitic demonstration where the speaker is using information provided in a Breaking the Silence lecture to bash Israel and the IDF:



  1. not just Israelis have been lied to but the EU,. lots of other countries especially the UK & Scotland particularly . & these countries PAID for all these LIES & encouraged VIOLENCE & DEATH. No wonder there is so much anti Semitism

  2. It is time that a compilation of the unabridged version of the vile and inhumane acts showing factual evidence of violence and fakery, brought about by the very people who cry wolf and have suckered the gullible public into forking out billions for their pantomime bullsht, when the wronged people have to try to survive with their backsides out from putting practically all of their assets into defence. – Jews/Israel should flood the globe with everything which only seems to find its way to the e-media and some newspapers. This is not enough! By showing the exacting and revolting actions executed by these arabs/palestinians in more detail with total and factual evidence, hopefully those duped and led only by mis-information or hated of Jews, just might realise their stupidity and keep their well-earned cash in their pockets, therefore not subsidising paedophilia, beheading, stoning, marital violence, and honour killing, knifings and destructive mowing down by cars, let alone the arab’s all time favourite, takiya (lies) which is the icing on the cake toward dragging Jews/Israel into the mire in just about every negative light available. It is time to demand the major media whether TV or newspapers to promulgate the truth! Their non-committal, avoidance of fact, or deafening silence is their licence to underline their anti-Semitism and Surely these media moguls cannot admit to ignorance on the subject of fakery by the arab sector, in so many areas of demeaning Jews/Israel and Surely Israel’s reprisals with bombardments on the palestinians/nee Jordanians, cannot be faulted when the major countries of this world is doing the self-same acts of reprisals to the very people who are undermining, or will undermine if left unchecked, the very gullible personnel who fund the self-same jihadists. Let us reduce the “Breaking the Silence” campaign to just breaking wind…!

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