Photo Credit: Matanya Tausig / Flash 90
View of the Israeli-Egyptian border next to the southern city of Eilat. The Israeli parliament voted in 2010 to build a fence along Israel's border with Egypt to prevent the infiltration of terrorists, smugglers and illegal inmigrants from Africa.

The Ministry of Education has cancelled all school trips south of Highway 12 which runs along the Israel-Egypt border. The IDF believes there is a strong possibility of a terror attack in that area emanating from the Sinai.



The IDF is concerned of either a Palestinian or Egyptian attack with the objective of kidnapping or killing Israelis hiking the area, with the ultimate goal of harming what’s left of Israeli-Egyptian relations.


On August 18th a terror attack from the Sinai killed 8 Israelis.


Due to the growing terror threat from Egypt, the IDF has established a new combat brigade in the Eilat area and is working to complete the fence dividing the two countries.


School trips will still continue with the city of Eilat itself.


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