Photo Credit: Hatzalah Yo'sh
The terrorist's car in Gush Etzion junction - March 4, 2016

There was a terror attack at the Gush Etzion junction on Friday morning, just after 7 AM.

This time it was a vehicular attack, leaving one IDF soldier lightly injured in the lower body after being hit by the car.


The injured soldier was transported to Sharei Tzedek hospital.

The female terrorist has been neutralized and killed by other IDF troops on site.

Update: Soldiers found a knife on dashboard of her car.

Apparently she was planning a followup stabbing attack after ramming the soldier.

A knife was found on the dashboard of the terrorist’s car.

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  1. Kill them. Disregard anything the UN sobs about in its meetings condemning Israel; you can't win anyway, and these terrorists came to kill you in a filthy undeclared war against civilians and our entire race… it is an attempt at complete genocide, and a long as they are crossing the barriers into Israeli terrority with intent to murder, they deserve no mercy, and the and the food and supplies you are giving to the enemy in prisons will soon be needed for the Jews evacuating Europe.

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