Photo Credit: Nadav Goldstein / TPS
Soldiers near Har Bracha following a terror attack - March 2, 2016

1) There was a stabbing attack in Har Bracha in the Shomron region, on Wednesday evening around 7:15 PM.

Two IDF soldier have been stabbed.


Update: The terrorists did not manage to escape with the weapons aa originally thought.

The two soldiers are conscious and being evacuated to Beilinson hospital.

The terrorists are still on the loose. IDF troops have begun searching for the terrorists in the nearby Arab settlement of Burin.

Har Bracha is a small community near the biblical Mount Gerizim.

2) In a separate attack at the same time, 2 suspects were spotted trying to infiltrate into the community Yitzhar, which is near Har Bracha. They have been caught.

Har Bracha:


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  1. That is probably precisely what they want, getting killed is for them a garantee 'to come into heaven, with 7 virgins waiting for them…' What do they have to want to live for ? The Palestinian leaders do not exactly stimulate their 'soldiers' to get a higher education, nor appreciate to have anyone to develope any positive intelligence.. When 'killing and death' is the highest goal, life has no meaning att all. Anybody seen any statistics on the everage Palestinian educationlevel, health and or life-expectation ? Such numbers would say a lot, especially to all the fooled western politicians…

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