Photo Credit: Wikimedia / Mgchammas
Lebanon's President Michel Aoun

Lebanon’s new Cabinet is now blaming its latest auditing problems on the Jewish State — not its lack of money, or surplus — but rather, its fear of simply finding out whether the money is there at all.

When confronted by President Michel Aoun on Tuesday for answers on why the government had not yet completed an audit of the central bank accounts, Israel was the primary suspect.


Aoun pointed out quite reasonably that the decision to carry out the audit, taken three months ago, would reveal the reasons the country had fallen into the abysmal economic state it was in in the first place, as well as reflect the current state of affairs.

Finance Minister Ghazi Wazni explained, however, that the auditing had not even begun. Why not?

Because, according to Lebanon-based Naharnet, “the chosen foreign firm might leak information to Israel, drawing the objections of several ministers.” Yes, readers, we are THAT powerful — even though a significant segment of the Lebanese Cabinet is comprised of Hezbollah-backed lawmakers.

The lawmakers argued that the Cabinet had discussed the matter in several sessions before taking its final decision in March, according to media reports quoted by Naharnet.


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