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Terror attack in Beit Horon. Jan. 25, 2016

There was a terror attack in Beit Horon just before 5 PM today. Two people were wounded in the attack that took place in the town’s fitness center and nearby grocery store.

The two Arab terrorists snuck into the town and entered the fitness center and stabbed a woman (age 40) in the head. She is listed as seriously injured.
Update: Hadassah hospital reports that the victim is now in critical condition.


They ran out and then stabbed a second woman (age 58) in the chest as the woman was entering the local grocery store. The second victim is listed as moderately injured.

Another resident, using a shopping cart blocked their way and pushed them out of the grocery store.

A local security chief (Rav”shatz) and a civilian then shot and neutralized the terrorists just outside the supermarket. Both terrorists were killed.

During followup searches, 3 pipe bombs were also found near the grocery store. Sappers are now dealing with the explosive devices.

The two terrorists apparently planted the bombs when then entered the town.

Beit Horon is a small community just off of route 443, between Jerusalem and Modi’in.

Dead terrorists in Beit Horon – Jan. 25, 2016

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