Photo Credit: Abed Rahim Khatib / Flash 90
British MP George Galloway (center) arriving at the Rafah border crossing in southern Gaza, leading an international aid convoy for Hamas.

You have to hand it to George Galloway. He’s a one trick pony and he finds endless ways to trot out that pony and show off that one trick.

The anti-Zionist Galloway – most recently infamous for walking out on a debate for the prestigious Oxford Debate Team when he learned his opponent was Israeli, is now declaring the district in England which he represents an “Israel Free Zone.”


There’s nothing more to be said. Just watch the video:


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  1. I say that this UK Parliament demented sub-human Galloway should be taken to Gaza to be received by Hamas and they will show their appreciation of his religion by executing him as he is not Muslim. The joke is truly on Mr. Galloway, and the world laughs at his folly. What does the Queen say/do about her UK Parliament member pulling off this in her Country????????

  2. Galloway is just another deluded MP who thinks all the world’s problems can be solved with a hug and magic “unicorn dust.” I can assure Galloway the only perk he could expect from his so called friends is his head would be placed on a higher pole.

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