Photo Credit: Abed Rahim Khatib / Flash 90
UN Envoy Robert Serry in Khan Younis, Gaza

Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman is trying to have UN special coordinator for the Middle East peace process, Robert Serry, be declared persona non grata in Israel and expelled, according to a Channel 2 report.

Serry tried to find a way to transfer $20 million dollars from Qatar to Hamas.


Serry had reportedly first asked Palestinian Unity Government president Mahmoud Abbas to facilitate the transfer, but Abbas refused. He even tried to get Israel to allow it, and when that failed tried, he tried to transfer the money via the UN. Talk about determination.

Serry has also expressed criticism of Israel’s attempts to find and free the three boys kidnapped by Hamas, Eyal Yifrach, Gil-ad Shaar, and Naftali Frankel, and said Israel should show restraint.

Last week the UN chairman Ban Ki-Moon’s spokesperson stated they were unsure if the boys were even kidnapped.

Liberman has reportedly long thought that Serry was biased against Israel.

Seems to be a common problem at the UN.


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  1. Judith Dowla The UN are in cahoots with the Bilderbergs, a group of globalist big business people. The group was established by Price Bernhard of the Netherlands, who was a Nazi. Strange combination-big business working with Socialists. Note, Hitler was once asked by a journalist why he, as a Socialist was so close to big business. The answer-"when the time comes, they too will be made to comply." Like Norway and the Soviet Union, he was going to double cross them.

  2. The U.N. is worth than a worthless organization–it's actively biased and bigoted against Israel. Moon recently questioned whether the boys were even kidnapped! What a moron.

    Time is long past that the U.S should stop funding this corrupt and prejudiced antiSemitic organization, which treats our best ally Israel so unfairly and gives voice to all the antiIsrael hate from the Islamofascists at the General Assembly.

  3. Of course it's a common problem at the UN. The UN is filled with Arabs and Europeans, all of whom were Nazi collaborators and would still be today – if it were not politically "incorrect." Remember the UN vote for the State of Israel to come into being? Just look at the number of countries that voted against us. We should expect nothing good from the United Nations.

  4. Time to outlaw the UN. It is a dysfunctional body of corrupt people living off the backs of the poor they are supposed to represent. The US should tell the UN to pack their bags and move to Syria!

  5. 1. Whose 20million dollars was it??? If the UN's… the UN is a totally discreditable institution. It is time for Israel to turn its back on the UN. If you don't, you legitimize it. 2. DON'T TRY TO HAVE HIM THROWN OUT, MK LIEBERMAN. IT SHOULD BE DONE TODAY! There are the people who breathe death and destruction to israel. 3. The world at large that condones this attitude towards Israel condemns itself before all that is just and noble and true, and before the one Living G-d.

  6. There are no such thing as Palestinians nor a country of Palestine! They are lawless muslim, Arab rebels from Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Jordan, etc. who are so radical these countries don't want them! They are dedicated to the proposition of annihilation of Israel! That mosque in Jerusalem should be leveled! The palestinians and muslims claim a right? GIVE ME A BREAK! The year in which it occurred, 622AD, is the date at which the Muslim calendar begins! mohammed wasn't even born until 570 AD! According to their own history they recognize islam beginning in 620 AD! Therefore what on earth are these idiots doing there in Jerusalem! They have NO RIGHTS AND NO PURPOSE EXCEPT TO SUPPLANT THE JEWS!

    Isaiah 19:25 states that Israel is God's Inheritance! Some 3,500 years ago the Canaanites inhabited the land that God promised to give to the offspring of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. God promised that He would give the land of Israel to the Jewish people as an eternal possession. The promise was unconditional. God confirmed it at least 55 times with an oath and stated, at least 12 times, that the covenant was everlasting. Scripture indicates the boundaries of the Promised Land. Just look at the geographical area currently inhabited by the Arab/muslim population and then look at the geographical area of Israel! The father of the Arabs is Ishmael… The father of the Jews is Isaac… Both sons of Abraham. How ridiculous is this! The Jews have almost been eradicated many times but God's Hand has repeatedly stopped this! This everlasting deed and covenant was made by God! What on earth is the argument today over the less than 10% of their land, deeded to them by God, that Israel now occupy! Why should the Arab/muslims DARE to think they need a piece of it? They don't want the land, they have plenty of land… they want to, little by little, eliminate the Jews… Their own half brothers! When you think of how the muslims kill their own children you will realize muslims don't think! God will bless, prosper and restore Israel, His Inheritance! That's a promise… not from me, but from the Great God Jehovah! Beware, ANYONE who touches the "apple of God's eye"! Joel 3:1&2 (written by an American Christian who loves and prays for Israel!)

  7. Israel's leaders, by not annexing & repatriating the population of the areas won in 1967, & by leaving Gaza in 05, caused the death, injury, & dispossession of hundreds of thousands of innocent people. As well, Israel's leaders allowed for the creation of Hamas, period. And, they've been funding them ever since. Stop buying into this narrative that the blame is on the enemies of Israel. Of course that's true, but it's just as true that Israel's leaders have never identified the only effective AND compassionate course of action possible, repatriation of an overwhelmingly genocidal population. Instead, they've chosen to allow for murder, injury, & dispossession of innocent people by the hundreds of thousands; at times, this happens slowly, one or two a week, let's say. At other times, dozens are murdered at once, and hundreds severely injured. The great wall & fence is a thumb in a dyke. When are Israelis going to demand justice? When are they going to remove these treacherous fools & get a political system capable of electing people who represent Israel, rather than empower, fund, & support her genocidal enemies? Oh, he always makes the same statements, e.g., we will know when to react, Abbas is responsible for this, Haniya for that, etc. PLEASE, it's sooo stupid!

  8. The UN is the United Nothing, an organization that solves nothing but costs much, that goes against common sense and decency and is dominated by Islam and other anti-Semitic nations. 'why both with it?
    It only picks on little nations trying to do the right thing. According to Roger

  9. Chris Alsop — You saying that doesn't make it so. For that matter, you offer nothing to counter to the multiple established historical facts that Smith-Rhodes imparted. Your objection is as irrational as a pre-teen whining "Ohhh, huh!" [musically, with juvenile eye roll]

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