Photo Credit: Courtesy: Cherki family
Shalom Yochai Chirki hy"d

The 25-year-old man who was hit by a car last night in Jerusalem, in what is suspected to have been a terror attack has succumbed to his wounds early Thursday morning, according to Hadassah Hospital.

The victimn has been identified as Shalom Yochai Cherki.


Cherki worked as a tour guide during the day, and was a counselor at Yeshiva Ben-Tzvi in the evenings.

Cherki’s father, Uri, is a well-known Rabbi at Machon Meir, and his brother, Yair, is a Channel 2 reporter on Hareidi and religious affairs.

The funeral will be held on Thursday.

The second victim, a 20 year old woman, is still in serious condition. Prayers can be said for Shira bat Adel Ada.

The two were injured when an Arab driver drove into them as they waited at a bus stop in French Hill, Jerusalem.

Eye witnesses claim the driver aimed for the people in the bus stop.

The driver, 37 from New Anata in Jerusalem, who was lightly injured, claims it was an accident. He is currently also recovering in the hospital.

The Shabak are investigating the incident and considering all possibilities, though at this point they highly suspect it was a vehicular terror attack.


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  1. Israel needs to change it’s laws concerning terrorism. This crap has to stop. It’s so inhumane for these chicken cowards drive cars into INNOCENT Jews for the sole purpose of killing or maiming them. It’s happening too often recently. Israel, institute the death penalty for these bastards who kill Jews. Maybe that will stop this madness. I doubt it, because their hatred of Jews is taught in their schools to young children who turn into these monsters. Sad.

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