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Frazier Glenn Miller regretted that his murder victims were not Jews.

( A Kansas jury on Tuesday sentenced to death Frazier Glenn Cross, 74, a white supremacist who shot three people to death outside two Jewish institutions last year, Reuters reported.

Cross, aka Glenn Miller, who chose to represent himself during his trial, used to be a senior member of the Ku Klux Klan. In August he was found guilty of shooting and killing Reat Underwood, 14, his grandfather, William Corporon, 69, and Terri LaManno, 53, in Overland Park, Kansas.


Cross sat in a wheelchair throughout his two and a half week trial. He admitted to committing the three murders, saying he wanted to kill as many Jews as he could. He said Jews control the media, finance and Hollywood, and blamed Jewish women for Roe v. Wade, the US Supreme Court decision in 1973 to legalize abortion.

Cross was also convicted of three counts of attempted murder against three other people. during his trial, Cross said he had shot his victims them because he thought they were Jewish, but added that he didn’t regret killing his two adult victims, because they did business with Jews. He only had remorse for killing the boy, because he might have grown to properly hate Jews.

Cross gave a Nazi salute to the jury—for the second time in his trial—and declared “Death to the Jews” before the jury retired for his sentencing. He then declared daringly: “I voluntarily sacrificed my freedom for my people, do you see fear in me? You see a proud white man.”


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  1. This piece of sh*t shouldn’t be put to sleep! He should SUFFER in the tiniest cell in a foreign country & lose his crappy mind even more!!!!! I mean seriously speaking, what does killing him accomplish? He feels the huge needle going into “it’s” IGNORANT arm, shock waves & then boom As*hole is DEAD~

  2. This never made CBS ABC FOX or NBC. The anti semitic behavior of our media is, in part, due to Obama administration bullying and threatening of the good guys in the media and rewarding the scum. I never thought I would see the day that the American media became an arm of the State. The Ministry of Truth, as it were.

  3. Alan, did you see my post about this yesterday? I do not believe n the death penalty, However since it is in force and going to be used in this case, I strongly urge the state to find a JEWISH doctor who will administer the drug coctail and all the assistants also be Jewish! That would be very fitting in sending this guy to hell!

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