Photo Credit: Gili Yaari/Flash90
Microsoft development center in Herzliya Pituah, Oct 30, 2020.

Tech titans took seven of the top 10 spots in this year’s survey of the 150 best employers in Israel.

According to the survey, published by Globes and conducted by Statista, of the 150 best employers in Israel, 43% of respondents have been employed for five years or more, and 38.2% for between one and five years.


The top 10 companies, starting from the top, are Google, Microsoft, Intel, Meta, SAP, IBM, Tidhar Group, ISR-Israel Railways, Ezer Mizion and Apple.

With an average score of 7.38 (on a scale of 0-10), the 40-49 age group is the happiest, according to the report.

The ability to work from home has become a standard, and according to the Statista survey, most employees believe that their work can be done from home.


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