Photo Credit: Chen Leopold / Flash 90
Solar panels on a home in Israel.

It will soon be possible in Israel to store energy in residences and save on electricity costs after the Planning Administration recommended to the National Council to approve the national outline plan for energy storage. The program will also allow infrastructure for charging electric vehicles at gas stations without affecting the grid system.

The plan promoted by the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure and the Planning Administration regulates the planning procedures and enables the establishment of storage facilities in a wide range of suppliers and locations in order to meet the variety of uses of the storage facilities. It will be possible to establish storage facilities next to photovoltaic facilities, at gas stations, and also in residential homes, which will allow for regulating electricity consumption in areas of demand.


In recent years, there has been an accelerated use of energy storage facilities, which enable a variety of benefits for the electricity sector, including dealing with distributed production, load on the electricity grid, frequency stabilization and more. Also, the storage facilities play a central role in the ability to increase the production potential of renewable energies and the possibility of relying on electricity supply from these facilities, beyond the actual production hours.

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