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The data on Israeli exports trends for the period of September through November 2015, released by the Central Bureau of Statistics show decrease of 10.3% in exports to EU countries. At the same time, there has been an increase 24.8% in exports to the United States, and an increase of 10.1% in exports to Asia. There has been a 5.0% decrease in imports of goods from Asia.

The same report shows a positive change in trade with South Africa. Between 2008 and 2014, the balance of trade in goods between Israel and South Africa moved from a deficit of $33.9 million to a surplus of $227.3 million.


The gross export of goods, not including diamonds, in November 2015 totaled $3.9 million, and the trade deficit in trade in goods was $0.67 billion. Of that total, 27% of the goods were exported to the EU countries, 26% to the US, 18% to Asian countries, and 19% to the rest of the world.

The trade deficit with the EU (excluding diamonds) amounted in January-November 2015 to $6.24 billion, an increase of 20.6% compared with the deficit in the corresponding period in 2014

The trade deficit with Asian countries (excluding diamonds) amounted in January-November 2015 to $1.62 billion, a drop of 50.3% compared with January-November 2014

The balance of trade in goods (excluding diamonds) with the United States recorded in January-November 2015 showed a surplus of $3.08 billion, compared with a surplus of $2.44 billion in January to November 2014, an increase of 26.2%.

According to data, imports from the EU rose by 2.4% on an annualized basis in September and November 2015, following an ongoing increase of 11.0% in June-August 2015. The first eleven months of the year, showed a rise of imports of goods (excluding diamonds) from Ireland (from $743.6 million to $1,155 billion), Slovakia from $178.3 million to $235.2 million, and Bulgaria from $57.2 million to $73.5 million.

Imports from the US rose by 0.8% on an annualized basis in September and November 2015, following an increase of 3.1% in June-August 2015.

In September-November 2015, import of goods from Asia was decreased by 5% on an annualized basis, following a decline of 7% in June-August 2015. In the first eleven months of the year imports of goods (excluding diamonds) fell mainly from the Philippines, from $76.1 million to $54.1 million; Indonesia from $62.3 million to $49.1 million; and Malaysia from $50.7 million to $14.7 million dollar.


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