Two Arab children aged 12 and 13 were arrested in Jerusalem’s Musrara neighborhood, near Meah Shearim. The children were observed at the intersection of Hahoma Hashlishit and Heil Handasa Streets and aroused the suspicions of police and civilians.

Police went to check out the suspects and noticed they were keeping their hands in their pockets. The police performed body checks and discovered knives in their pockets.


The two were arrested and taken for questioning.


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  1. Seriously – Does our State Dept get these news storys of the Arab population attacking Jewish citizens indiscriminately, randomly on the street – anywhere ? Women, children, teenagers it does not matter. I ubderstand 25 Israeli citizens have died from these attacks…. but not a word of outrage from this Progrerssive almost dictatorial Administration led by B. Obama. Is this the state of our country (USA) . 2015 ? Probably. In case anyone has noticed the Republican Party in general and "The Donald" in particular wants to change this in 2017 2018 2019 2020 and beyond.

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