Photo Credit: MK Ayman Odeh
MK Ayman Odeh

Arab MK Ayman Odeh, head of the Joint Arab List, has announced that he is participating in a “one-day hunger strike” in solidarity with some 700 Palestinian Authority terrorist prisoners.


The prisoners are being “led” by Tanzim terrorist prisoner Marwan Barghouti, who was caught secretly eating a chocolate bar in his bathroom by video cameras hidden in his prison cell.

The inmates are organized within the prison according to their terror group membership, which is how discipline is maintained within the facility.

Some 1,500 Arabs will join the inmates by fasting for one day in solidarity, “led” by MK Odeh, who announced his participation with great fanfare Thursday morning.

The hunger strike is being carried out to pressure Israel Prison Authority officials into granting the jailed terrorists more satellite/cable TV channels — including PA incitement channels; public phones so they can call out to whomever they want; permission to study at Israel’s Open University to earn college degrees; more family visitation time; and no more solitary confinement punishments, among other demands.

A flood of tweets in Hebrew have suggested those who support the cause “Send a chocolate bar and Pizza Hut pizza to MK Odeh” to help him with his hunger strike.

(The Pizza Hut franchise in Israel ran a humorous ad on Monday asking Barghouti, “If you are already going to break your hunger strike, isn’t pizza better?” The ad, which ran on the chain’s Facebook page, was later deleted and an apology was issued due to the widespread outrage from the Arab sector and a call to boycott Pizza Hut.)

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