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Gaza Strip residents demonstrated against Hamas, July 30, 2023.

Demonstrations broke out in several locations throughout the Gaza Strip Sunday evening in protest of the cost of living and the electricity shortages. Groups of protesters gathered in the centers of Khan Yunis, Jabaliya, and Al Bureij.

In a procession in Nuseirat, the participants chanted, “Shame, shame, the people are the victims.”


Hamas thugs were sent to suppress the processions shortly after the protests began and arrested demonstrators. Hamas also quickly organized countermarches with Hamas supporters who waved the terror group’s green flag and demanded “formulating a unified national plan to confront the occupation.”

The protests are taking place while the terrorist factions’ conference is being held in Egypt.

Local activists posted numerous videos online showing hundreds of people gathering and marching in the streets. In some demonstrations, the marchers chanted against Hamas: “The people want to change the government,” and “Where is the electricity and where is the fuel, Ya Haniya, Ya Abbas?” asked the angry protesters. They demanded an improvement in the standard of living and called for an end to the siege over the Gaza Strip.

In recent weeks, residents of the Gaza Strip have complained about electricity shortages. There is no regular electricity supply to Gaza Strip homes, due, among other things, to weak infrastructure, and a lack of fuel.

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