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Hamas international political leader Ismail Haniyeh. Jan 6 2020.

One of the sons of Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh is living in luxury in Turkey and even received a Turkish passport to continue his expensive lifestyle, according to an Arab media report.

Elaph, a Saudi website based in Britain reported from its sources that Maaz Haniyeh recently received a Turkish passport enabling to travel the world with his family while enjoying a rich life in Turkey.


A source in Gaza commenting on the Elaph report told the Tazpit Press Service, “The Hamas apparatus follows Gaza residents who go out for medical or commercial needs and collect sums of money from them and part of the profits, and on the other hand, Maaz was awarded a Turkish passport for free, due to his father’s status.”

The article, titled “Maaz Haniyeh: A Life of Extravagance, Alcohol and Women,” reports that Maaz is known in Gaza as Abu Al Aqarat, or “The Father of Real Estate” for his ownership of several apartments, villas and buildings in different areas of the Strip. Its sources said that outside of Gaza, Haniyeh’s sons drink alcohol — which is prohibited for Muslims — and hang out prestigious clubs accompanied by women.

A journalist who lives in Gaza told TPS, “Maaz Haniyeh was forced to leave the comfortable life in the Gaza Strip and embark on the difficult and arduous resistance missions in the streets of Turkey and in its hotels.

Two years ago, Maaz was photographed next to his father, Ismail, when he was showing off a new luxury car on the streets of Gaza.

Maaz, one of Ismail Haniyeh’s 13 children, is not the only family member drawing scorn.

The oldest son, Abdel Salam, who chairs Gaza’s Amuaj Council for Sports and is a member of Supreme Council for Youth and Sports, is accused of abusing his positions and family name to steal money. Abdel Salam’s ties with Qatar, which hosted the World Cup, have also been questioned.

According to United Nations figures, 65 percent of the Gaza population lives below the poverty line. In the 15 years since Hamas seized control of Gaza, 12% of the Strip’s population has fled.

Israel has been pressing Turkish President RecepTayyip Erdogan to expel Hamas figures operating in Turkey.

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