Photo Credit: Shin Bet
A handgun that was found in the terrorists’ hiding place.

The Shin Bet, in cooperation with the IDF and the Israel Police, earlier this month thwarted the organizing of a terrorist cell by Hamas, aimed at kidnapping an IDF soldier in Binyamin. The cell was organized through the establishment of a terrorist infrastructure in Biddu, an Arab town northwest of Jerusalem.

Over the past month, nine suspects belonging to Hamas were arrested. In their interrogations by the Shin Bet, it emerged that they were involved in the planning of an attack to kidnap a soldier. The members of the infrastructure armed themselves, prepared explosives and charges, mapped out escape routes, and conducted intelligence-gathering tours to study the routine of soldiers’ activities in the Binyamin area. They even prepared a place to hide the abductee.


Their timely arrest foiled the kidnapping.

Explosives and charges that were found in the terrorists’ hiding place. / Shin Bet

The investigation revealed that the members of the terrorist infrastructure planned to carry out shooting and explosive attacks against IDF forces in the sector. To realize their intentions, they self-taught the production of explosives and even set up in a residence an improvised lab to prepare explosives.

In the sabotage lab that was seized, the Shin Bet discovered raw materials for the production of explosives, fireworks, and pipes used to contain and hide explosive charges. In addition, “Carlo” type weapons were seized, as well as maps that outline the planned attacks and the escape routes.


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