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Arabs in Ramallah protest Israel’s peace agreement with UAE, September 15, 2020.

A new survey by the sometimes dubbed “neo-conservative” Jerusalem Center for Public and State Affairs (JCPA) reveals that fewer Israelis than before favor establishing a Palestinian State as part of a comprehensive regional agreement and normalization with Saudi Arabia.

JCPA has been led from 2000 to 2015 by Benjamin Netanyahu’s close confidant, Israel’s former UN envoy Dore Gold. In the past JCPA received its funding from late philanthropist Sheldon Adelson.


The JCPA survey’s data reveals that 64% of the Israeli public opposes the establishment of a Palestinian State under normalization conditions. Segmentation by political affiliation shows significant political differences: 84% of right-wing voters, 54% of center voters, and 24% of left-wing voters oppose the establishment of a Palestinian State.

It appears the October 7 massacre caused a third of the respondents who previously believed that a Palestinian State could be established under certain conditions to change their minds, and today they are completely averse to the idea.

Dr. Dan Diker, the current JCPA president said, “The Israeli government and the Knesset rejected the idea of ​​a Palestinian state as a solution, especially as a reward for Palestinian terrorism or as a post-Hamas solution. Public opinion polls now reflect the Israeli public’s understanding of the importance of the issue after the seventh of October.”

Dr. Diker added: “Given the policy of the Biden administration, it is essential to convey this message both to the elected officials in Israel and to the decision-makers in the White House.”

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