Photo Credit: Casey Hugelfink
Düsseldorf police, June 11, 2021.

The untimely death of the late Moran Kaiser, the 39-year-old Israeli woman who was allegedly murdered by her partner on New Year’s Eve in Düsseldorf, Germany, left her family members and acquaintances in shock.

Kaiser was stabbed to death outside a building housing recovering addicts. The neighbors called the police, and EMTs that arrived at the scene pronounced Kaiser’s death. The man she was in a relationship with was arrested by the police.


Kaiser’s brother-in-law Idan Ganzia told Maariv Online that “Moran was a good girl, optimistic, funny and connected to Israel. She wanted to come back and live here.”

Moran’s mother, Brigitte, posted on her Facebook page a picture of a memorial candle and wrote: “In memory of my daughter Moran, who was born on November 26, 1983. She was stabbed yesterday, murdered, and there is a suspect. It’s sad.”

Moran’s sister told Ynet: “My mother didn’t like this guy, she thought he was shady because he didn’t work and was shoplifting. He always had money in his apartment even though he didn’t work.”


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