Ancient DNA from Medieval Germany Tells Origin Story of Ashkenazi Jews

DNA analysis of 14th-Century German Jews shows the Jewish Community was more genetically diverse than modern day Ashkenazim.

KFC in Germany Invites Customers to ‘Enjoy Crispy Fried Chicken on Kristallnacht’

“We apologize. Due to an error in our system, we sent an incorrect and inappropriate message through our app. We are very sorry about this."

Report: US Approves Israel’s Multi-Billion Dollar Sale of Arrow 3 to Germany

Lapid and Scholz discussed a €2.5 billion purchase of Israeli-made anti-missile defense systems.

Terrified of Putin, 13 NATO Countries Want Israel’s Arrow 3

The Arrow 3 can intercept ballistic missiles, especially those carrying weapons of mass destruction.

Hanover Synagogue Window Damaged on Yom Kippur

“The perpetrator must have entered the synagogue grounds. I am deeply shocked.”

‘A State for Sale’ Generates Police Complaint Against Radical German Foundations in Israel

"It’s inconceivable that German foundations, funded by the German government, intervene and undermine Israeli sovereignty."

Forget Falafel Wars, the Latest Battle Is over Vorschmack

According to Jake Marmer, Forshmak is probably the most authentically Jewish herring recipe.

BioNTech CEO Sahin in Israel to Talk Pandemic Preparedness, Innovative Medicines

BioNTech is considering the establishment of a research and production facility in Israel.

Berlin Labor Court Finds Against Deutsche Welle in Dismissal of Rabid Antisemite Farah Maraqa

This woman adamantly supports the murder of Israeli civilians, including children.

President Isaac Herzog Speaks at the Munich Olympic Massacre 50th Anniversary Memorial

President Isaac Herzog spoke on Monday at the official memorial marking 50 years since the massacre of eleven Israeli athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympics.

Herzog in Germany: ‘Forces of Hate Coming First and Foremost from Iran’

"Iran has proven that it has no qualms about sowing terror, death, and thuggish behavior threatening global stability."

Germany, Families of 1972 Munich Massacre Victims Reach Compensation Breakthrough

The German government has reportedly agreed to pay the families of the 11 victims $28 million, opening the way for them to attend an event in Germany marking the 50th anniversary of the attack.

Germany Haggling over Reparations to Families of 11 Munich Massacre Athletes

"When we talk about reparations, this should be in proportion with other terrorist incidents that took place within Germany."

Report: Germany Illegally Funneled NIS 1 billion to Anti-Zionist NGOs in Israel

Germany is the world’s leading country in funding Israeli far-left organizations.

German Arrested for Nazi Salute to Israeli Athletes Visiting 1972 Munich Massacre Memorial

Israel’s ambassador to Berlin retweeted an article claiming the offending security guard was of “Arab descent,” and connected the incident with P.A. leader Mahmoud Abbas’s claim that Israel had perpetrated “50 Holocausts.”

Abbas in Berlin: Israel Committed 50 Holocausts

Scholz appeared visibly upset by Abbas' use of the term "Holocaust" to describe the killings of civilians, restrictions on the rights of PA Arabs, and Israeli settlement in Judea and Samaria.

Gazprom to Slash Nord Stream Gas Deliveries to Europe

Russia claims it has halted operation of one of its last two operating turbines due to the “technical condition of the engine."

Report: Ukraine Recalling Ambassador to Germany Who Praised Nazi Collaborator

Melnyk told journalist Tilo Jung that reports of Bandera’s involvement in the mass murders of Poles and Jews are lies and a "Russian narrative."

Was Putin Wrong? Ukrainian Ambassador in Hot Water for Praising Nazi Collaborator

Melynk stated that talking about Bandera’s antisemitism is “a Russian narrative.”

Pathetic: Germany Seeking 5-Years in Prison for 101-Year-Old Nazi

Schuetz holds the dubious record of the oldest Nazi on trial for murdering thousands of innocent human beings.

Germany’s Supreme Court Says Wittenberg’s ‘Jewish Sow’ Stays

Luther’s book that mentions the 'Jewish Sow' was used by the Nazi party to promote antisemitism.

With an Eye to Putin Israel Blocks Spike Missiles Sale to Ukraine

Israel is not thousands of miles away from Russia, it is, in fact, on Russia’s border, and there are many bears north of that border.

In Berlin, Jewrovision 2022 Follows Eurovision after 2 Years of COVID

The "Jewro" will kick off with the band Chasak Hamburg. Olam Berlin will close the competition this year.

5-Star Hospital in Former East Germany Offers Kosher Food, Synagogue, Shabbat Elevator

The hospital has gone out of its way to attract Orthodox Jewish patients and make them feel comfortable during their stay.

Lufthansa Apologizes for Selectively Preventing Identifiably Jewish Passengers from Flying

It comes after video surfaced of an employee telling a Jewish passenger that those who were banned are “Jewish from JFK” and that it was the “Jewish people who were the mess, who made the problems.”

Bundestag President in Jerusalem on Yom HaShoah: ‘It Is Inconceivable How Much We Destroyed’

On Thursday, President Bas participated in the state memorial service, “Unto Every Person There is a Name” at the Knesset.

Report: Germany Considering Arrow 3 to Defend Against Russian Missiles

“We need to protect ourselves better against the threat from Russia. For this, we need a Germany-wide anti-missile shield. The Israeli Arrow 3 system is a good solution.


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