Iranian Judoka Becomes ‘Recognized Refugee’ in Germany

“Now I can fully concentrate on judo and the preparation for the next IJF events and for the Olympic Games.”

Germany’s Clandestine Police to Combat Far-Right Online Hate Speech

Germany's opposition parties or the most part objected to the legislative initiative because it is too feeble.

Ronald Lauder Awards Chancellor Angela Merkel a Herzl

"I regard this award that carries the name of Theodor Herzl as an obligation never to be content with what has been achieved but to continue striving toward a better future,"Merkel said.

Free Democratic Party Proves Germans Just Don’t Have a Sense of Humor

Alas, the second spelling correction in the video changes "Sieg Hail” to the correct, Nazi-approved "Sieg Heil."

Survey: More than 25% of Germans Are Anti-Semites

About 41% of respondents said they agreed with the statements "Jews talk about the Holocaust too much," and "Jews are more loyal to Israel than to Germany."

5,000 Attend Concert Commemorating Halle Yom Kippur Victims

The concert was organized by city government and several media companies, and aimed to send a "strong message against anti-Semitism, xenophobia, and right-wing extremism."

Survey: 59% of German Voters See Anti-Semitism Rising

Only 35% of respondents said they had seen no increase in anti-Semitism across Germany – compared with last year's 51% who saw no evil.

Nazi Camp Guard, 93, Faces 5,230 Accessory-to-Murder Counts in Hamburg

Prosecutors say he was a "cog" in Nazi Germany's "murderous machinery."

Report: Neither of Halle Synagogue Shooter’s Victims Were Jewish

Jana Lange was killed when she reprimanded the shooter outside the synagogue, asking him: "Is that really necessary while I'm walking past here?"

German Minister: Anti-Semitism Certainly One of Shooter’s Motives

185 Olim arrived from Germany in 2018. On the other hand, an estimated 20,000 Israelis have settled in Germany.

Attack in Halle Live-Streamed by Terrorist, Shows ‘Anti-Semitism in Europe Increasing,’ Netanyahu Warns

Netanyahu called on German authorities to "continue taking determined action against anti-Semitism." Chancellor Angela Merkel attended a synagogue vigil Wednesday in Berlin.

At Least Two Shot Dead Outside Synagogue in Germany on Yom Kippur

The perpetrators hammered at the synagogue doors but could not penetrate them.

Writers Protest Denying British-Pakistani Writer the Nelly Sachs Prize over BDS Membership

Journalist Alan Posener noted Shamsie's refusal to allow her works to be translated into Hebrew.

Israel, US, Urge Berlin to Cancel Tonight’s Palestinian Rappers’ Rally at Brandenburg Gate

In 2014, during the Gaza war, the musical pair released their song "Strike a Blow at Tel Aviv," in which they fantasize about bombing Tel Aviv, razing it to the ground and "crushing Jews."

MP Calls ‘Paltry’ Germany’s Adding 859 Survivors to Reparations List

German authorities have processed 1,249 applications for these payments since 2017, and rejected 347.

Abbas Undergoes Medical Treatment in Germany

Abbas’ ailing health has been the cause of speculation as to who will assume the PA leadership and how it will affect Israel and the Middle East.

German Soccer Club Condemns Own Fans for Calling Director ‘Jewish Pig’

CFC has been mired in an ongoing fight with its far-right supporters for a few months now, and has already lost some of its older fans as far-right hooligan presence has increased.

Good News: Only 14 Out of 8 Million Israelis Want Boycott of Berlin Music...

How ironic, that Rosen Zvi, whose articles deal with the development of the term Goy, would be used to bash a pro-Jewish resolution by the vast majority of a German parliament practically packed with goyim.

German Jewish Council: ‘AfD Fuels Anti-Jewish Climate’

AfD members have expressed racist, anti-Islamic, anti-Semitic, and xenophobic views associated with neo-Nazism.

Rabbi Attacked by Muslims in Affluent Charlottenburg, Berlin

Charlottenburg is a magnet for Berlin Jews, and is home to the city's largest kosher supermarket.

Merkel Party MP Chastised for Saying Refugee Children with Poor German Shouldn’t Go to...

Merkel's coalition government is in an ongoing feud with its more conservative sister party, the Bavarian Christian Social Union (CSU), over tougher immigration controls.

Anti-Semitic Attack on Jewish Man in Germany

A spokesperson for Brandburg police said on Sunday that two Syrian nationals were identified as alleged perpetrators.

German Left Protests Trump’s Threat to Designate Antifa a Terror Group

On the German right, Alternative for Germany (AfD) party members expressed gratitude and support for Trump and demanded action against Antifa in Germany, too.

Lufthansa Resumes Flights to Cairo After 24-Hour ‘Safety’ Suspension

It is still not clear why the airline chose to suspend its flights to the Egyptian capital, and the company hasn't offered any explanation.

British Airways, Lufthansa, Cancel Cairo Flights over Security Concerns

The UK foreign office issued a travel advisory to British nationals planning to visit Egypt, saying "there is a heightened risk of terrorism against aviation."

Russian Report Exposes Nazi Glorification in Baltic States, Ignores Decades of Soviet Brutality

"Inside the European Union there are states and territories where glorification of Nazi collaborators and the Nazis is part of the state agenda."

German Court Sentences Iraqi Man to Life in Prison for Rape, Murder of Jewish...

A psychiatrist testified during the trial that Bashar was diagnosed with a personality disorder and is incapable of empathy.

German Culture Minister Returns Painting Looted from French Jewish Politician

The painting by 19th century French painter Thomas Couture (1815-1879) was stolen from Mandel by the Nazis, and for decades remained part of a collection of 1,566 works stolen by Hildebrand Gurlitt.

Generosity: Germany Extends Pensions to Holocaust Victims’ Spouses by 9 Months

They could probably afford to give the spouses a life-time pension. Maybe they needed to put the extra money in trains.

Chancellor Merkel Shaking Uncontrollably Twice in 9 Days

A Merkel spokesman said she would fly to Japan on Thursday to participate in the G20 meeting this weekend. But should she?


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