Pathetic: Germany Seeking 5-Years in Prison for 101-Year-Old Nazi

Schuetz holds the dubious record of the oldest Nazi on trial for murdering thousands of innocent human beings.

Germany’s Supreme Court Says Wittenberg’s ‘Jewish Sow’ Stays

Luther’s book that mentions the 'Jewish Sow' was used by the Nazi party to promote antisemitism.

With an Eye to Putin Israel Blocks Spike Missiles Sale to Ukraine

Israel is not thousands of miles away from Russia, it is, in fact, on Russia’s border, and there are many bears north of that border.

In Berlin, Jewrovision 2022 Follows Eurovision after 2 Years of COVID

The "Jewro" will kick off with the band Chasak Hamburg. Olam Berlin will close the competition this year.

5-Star Hospital in Former East Germany Offers Kosher Food, Synagogue, Shabbat Elevator

The hospital has gone out of its way to attract Orthodox Jewish patients and make them feel comfortable during their stay.

Lufthansa Apologizes for Selectively Preventing Identifiably Jewish Passengers from Flying

It comes after video surfaced of an employee telling a Jewish passenger that those who were banned are “Jewish from JFK” and that it was the “Jewish people who were the mess, who made the problems.”

Bundestag President in Jerusalem on Yom HaShoah: ‘It Is Inconceivable How Much We Destroyed’

On Thursday, President Bas participated in the state memorial service, “Unto Every Person There is a Name” at the Knesset.

Report: Germany Considering Arrow 3 to Defend Against Russian Missiles

“We need to protect ourselves better against the threat from Russia. For this, we need a Germany-wide anti-missile shield. The Israeli Arrow 3 system is a good solution.

Iran Nuclear Talks Suspended After Russia Adds Ukraine-Linked Demands

European Union foreign affairs chief Joseph Borrell said a “pause” in the nuclear talks was needed “due to external factors.”

Israeli Anti-Tank Weapons Heading to Ukraine

No Israeli approval was required for the transfer because Germany had financed development of the system prior to Rafael's purchase.

UK, European Union, Germany Impose Direct Sanctions on Russia

The UK imposed direct sanctions on five Russian banks and three wealthy individuals. Germany ordered a halt to the process of certifying the $11 billion Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project.

Gantz in Munich: Nuclear Deal Must Ensure Iran Won’t Continue to Enrich, Oversight Must...

"It is critical that the sunset clause is not understood as an expiration date that enables Iran to revisit its nuclear ambitions."

Foreign Minister Baerbock Tells Egypt’s Al-Sissi German Arms Exports Conditioned on Human Rights

The al-Sissi government has been waging an unprecedented crackdown on dissidents.

German Foreign Minister Reports Iran Talks Enter ‘Final Phase’ before Visiting Yad Vashem

If you're Jewish, you'll always find it difficult to hear a German politician talk about a "final phase."

German Broadcaster Deutsche Welle Suspends 5 Employees for Antisemitism, Cuts Ties with Arab News...

Cases of potential concern involving an additional eight DW employees were also flagged by the panel.

Watch: Biden Threatens End to Nord Stream 2, Warns Americans to Leave Ukraine Over...

It is estimated by both US and European officials that up to 140,000 Russian troops are now massed along Ukraine's borders, preparing for a possible invasion.

Knesset Speaker Levy Shares Concern over German Antisemitism with Chancellor Scholz in Berlin

Speaker Levy becomes the first Israeli head of parliament to address the Bundestag.

Anti-Zionist German Antisemitism Czar Accused of Splintering Jewish Community

Civil servant Michael Blume defends allegations of impropriety by going on the offensive against his Jewish accusers.

UN Passes Historic Resolution Condemning Holocaust Denial

The UN resolution on Holocaust denial and distortion was passed on the 80th anniversary of the Wannsee Conference.

Israel and Germany Appeal to UN to Condemn Holocaust Denial

The ambassadors of Israel and Germany denounced the ongoing denial of the Shoah.

Israel Signs Deal to Purchase 3 Submarines from Thyssenkrupp

Apparently, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett's objection to establishing a commission of inquiry stemmed from his fear of losing the submarines deal.

Germans Blindside the IDF, Doubling Cost of 3 Submarines

ThyssenKrupp recently raised the price of three new submarines ordered by Israel's defense ministry by a whopping €1.2 billion.

PM Bennett: We’ll Use Lull in Negotiations with Iran to Chart a Different Path...

"A bad deal with the Iranians will have implications for our national security."

Quantum Encryption Advances at Hebrew U Keeping Data Secure on the Internet

The team at HU developed a system that uses fluorescent crystals in the form of specks so tiny that special microscopes are needed to see them.

Israeli Trophy Defense System Successfully Tested on German Tanks

The system displayed a 90% interception rate, as well as accurate detection of the source of the fire, thus proving the success of integrating the system on the German tanks.

4 JCPOA Nations Express ‘Grave Concern’ Over Iranian Nuclear Progress

Russia and China – the other two participants in the 2015 JCPOA nuclear agreement with Iran – did not take part in the joint statement.

Germany Censures Israel’s Linking of NGOs to Terrorism

Israel said its decision was due to NGO financing of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, a designated terror group.


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