‎€10 Million to Israeli-German Development of Drugs Against Lethal Fungal Infections

Invasive fungal infections of the internal organs or bloodstream can have a high level of mortality (up to 50%), are often difficult to treat, and cause at least 1.6 million deaths per year.

German Flag Replaced by Israeli Flag as Navy Takes Possession of Sa’ar 6-Class Corvette...

One of the new ships' roles will be to protect natural gas platforms in the Mediterranean Sea against possible sea-borne or rocket threats.

European Jewish Leader Slams Munich Auction House for Selling Nazi Memorabilia

“It defies logic, decency and humanity for the very same auction house that came under fire less than a year ago for selling . . . Nazi memorabilia that they should do so again."

Muslim Man Denied German Citizenship for Refusing to Shake Hands with a Woman

The court went all Luther-crazy on the poor man, whose religious constraint was no different than that of many Orthodox Jews.

Jewish Student Attacked with Shovel Outside Hamburg Synagogue on Sukkot

The German Orthodox Rabbinical Conference said Sunday's attack was "another shock to the Jewish community in Germany." Absolutely, anti-Semitic attacks – in Germany? It defies the imagination.

One Year After Halle Synagogue Attack, Are German Jews Safe this Yom Kippur?

“Danger prevention is the task of the state, not the job of those who are threatened by danger.”

Chancellor Merkel: Jews Don’t Feel Safe in Germany

She pointed out the increase in conspiracy theories and hate speech targeting Jews on social media in Germany.

German Fund Gives $13 Million of Nazi War Profits to Hebrew U to Research...

The Alfred Landecker Foundation was established by the Reimann family in June 2019 to atone for their father and grandfather's war crimes.

German Car Parts Giant Continental Revealing Darkness of Its Hitler Years

Continental is the latest German company to expose its Nazi past, following Volkswagen, Daimler, Deutsche Bank, Audi and food giant Dr. Oetker.

Israel to Germany: Restore Arms Embargo on Iran

Ashkenazi called on Germany to “join and support the joint global effort against the Iranian threat and the restoration of the arms embargo on Iran.”

Germany Tries to Calm Rising Greece-Turkey Tensions in Eastern Mediterranean

Athens and Ankara are holding naval exercises in the area amid an ongoing dispute over energy resources.

Jewish-Owned Berlin Bar, ‘Tomorrow Will Be Better,’ Torched in 4th Attack

The Jewish owner was threatened and harassed for years. Then the attacks started.

Israel, Germany, in First Ever Joint Air Force Exercises

"We will fly in a different environment than we are used to in Israel, with different flight platforms and flight rules."

Germany to Release Report Showing Anti-Semitism Continues to Rise

“In the everyday life of Jewish citizens, this means they are subjected to insults, threats and attacks.”

Israeli-Made German Drone Completes First Successful Flight over Holy Land

"Despite the various challenges we faced, including those brought by the Corona pandemic, we are on schedule. "

SS Guard Accessory to 5,232 Murders Gets 2 Years’ Probation

Judge Anne Meier-Göring (I know, it's just getting better all the time) acknowledged young Bruno's "willingness to take part in the trial and listen to the testimony of victims."

Local German Jewish Leaders Warn Anti-Semitism Growing, Urge Emigration

Nine months after the Yom Kippur attack on the small Jewish community in Halle, Germany, local leaders say anti-Semitism is only getting worse.

Report: German Intelligence Captured Iran Quds’ Force Spy

Russia, China, Iran and Turkey are “key players in espionage and influence directed against Germany,” according to a report.

German Court Confirms Prison Sentence of Neo-Nazi over ‘Cheeky Jewish Functionary’ Taunt

In 2019, Krolzig announced on Twitter that Die Rechte was "the only consistently anti-Israeli party on the ballot," and published articles under the hashtag #niewiederIsrael.

German Lawmakers Attack Jewish State’s Sovereignty Plan, Say ‘Silence is Not an Option’

“Germany killed 6 million Jews in World War II, in the Holocaust, and now Germany wants to tell Israel how to defend its security,” said Marcel Goldhammer, a journalist with both German and Israeli citizenship.

US Supreme Court to Hear Germany’s Demand to Reject Victims of Nazi Looting

"Germany seeks to eliminate recourse for Nazi-looted art and the Court will have the chance to answer this question of critical importance for Holocaust victims.”

Court Rules Germany Can’t Deny Citizenship to Children of Unmarried Nazi Victims

The judges suggested that the government's refusal of citizenship may be a violation of the European Convention on Human Rights.

Bereaved Families Blast German Foreign Minister on Eve of Israel Visit for Funding Far-Left...

"From 2012-2019, Germany alone has provided €18,258,873 to 32 far-Left Israeli political organizations."

Munich Bans Using Holocaust Symbol to Protest Coronavirus Rules

Rüdiger Erben, a Social Democrat MP from Saxony-Anhalt, said anyone who wears one of those upgraded stars is "an anti-Semite of the most repulsive kind."

With Fear of Proto-Fascist Terrorism Growing, Germany Reports 2,032 Anti-Semitic Crimes in 2019, 13%...

Reichsbürger ("Reich Citizens") is a label for several groups and individuals in Germany and elsewhere who reject the legitimacy of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Israeli, Jewish Scholars Fight Israeli, Jewish BDS Call to Fire Germany’s Anti-Semitism Commissioner

Mbembe: “The occupation of Palestine is the greatest moral scandal of our times."

Germany’s AfD Leader Refuses to Be Joyous Over Nazi Defeat

"It was also a day of absolute defeat, a day of the loss of large parts of Germany and the loss of national autonomy."

German Police Raid Hezbollah Cells After Interior Ministry Bans the Terrorist Group

German police raids are focused on four mosque-based associations in Berlin, Dortmund, Bremen and Münster, which are accused of belonging to Hezbollah.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Quarantine After Meeting with Infected Doctor

The news came just after Merkel had announced a raft of nationwide measures aimed at limiting contact between people.

Israel’s Ambassador to Germany Tests Positive for COVID-19

The entire embassy staff immediately entered self-quarantine when the ambassador was diagnosed. The Israeli Embassy in Berlin was closed.


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