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EU, Germany Launch Program to ‘Maintain Palestinian Identity’ of Jerusalem Through Tourism

EU representative: "For us, East Jerusalem is part of the occupied Palestinian territory."

When Naftali Met Angela: German Chancellor’s Farewell Visit to the Jewish State

"I consider it a great pleasure and great honor to be able to visit Israel once again at the end of my term in office and to get to know the new Israeli prime minister."

Germany’s Merkel Arrives in Israel for ‘Farewell Visit’

Chancellor Merkel has repeatedly called the security of the State of Israel is a “crucial priority” of the German government.

German Government Allots Another $767 Million for Holocaust Survivors

“Every year these negotiations become more and more critical; as this last generation of survivors age, their needs increase,” said Gideon Taylor, president of the Claims Conference.

Concentration-Camp Guard to Stand Trial for 3,518 Murders Between 1942 and 1945

The 100-year-old man was allegedly complicit in executions done by firing squads and poisonous gas.

Singer Esther Ofarim’s Son Refused Service in Leipzig for Wearing Star of David Necklace

"What's going on? Why is everyone else being called up ahead of me?" Ofarim asked the desk clerk.

Shomron Leader Calls to Stop Arab ‘Occupation’ of Area C After Germany Pledges €100...

The “real story” with these EU-funded projects is that they are part of the Fayyad Plan activity to take over Area C.

German Police Foil Plot to Attack Synagogue on Yom Kippur

Among those arrested in the plot was a 16-year-old Syrian teenager.

Far-Right German Convicted of Attacking Jewish Restaurant Owner

Back in 2018, Central Council of Jews in Germany president Schuster described the attack as: "It is five past midnight."

German Prosecutors Prepare Dozen-Plus Cases Against Nazi War-Crime Suspects

“The passage of time is no barrier to justice when it comes to the heinous crimes of the Holocaust,” said Karen Pollock, chief executive of the Holocaust Education Trust.

German Study: Increased Anti-Semitism Since Outbreak of Corona Pandemic

Jews reported being accused of having brought the virus into the world.

100-Year-Old Nazi Guard Found Fit to Stand Trial, Helped Murder 3,518

It appears that Germany is finally running out of Nazi war criminals to prosecute.

Israeli-German Team Unveils Some Countries’ Under-Reported Corona Deaths

“Our results present a comprehensive picture of the impact of COVID-19.”

Israel Willing to Help Flood-Ravaged Germany ‘in Any Way,’ Tel Aviv-Yafo Shows Solidarity with...

"Condolences to the German people and to our many friends in our partner cities in Germany."

Germany, France, Boycotted US Jerusalem Embassy July 4 Reception

The reception was modest this year, with only a few hundred guests.

Biden Nominates Daughter of Jew Who Fled Nazi Germany as Ambassador to Berlin

Gutmann's father, Kurt, grew up in an Orthodox Jewish family in Feuchtwangen, Germany, and fled Nazi Germany in 1934 after Adolf Hitler had risen to power in 1933.

Germany to Ban Hamas Flags in Response to Anti-Semitic Incidents

However, bans on the groups themselves require lengthy legislative processes in which sufficient material that is legally valid must first be collected.

German Jews Condemn Swastika on Torah Ark in Frankfurt Airport

It isn't clear how long it had been since the desecration, because the prayer room had been closed for months on account of coronavirus pandemic.

Last Surviving Liberator of Auschwitz David Dushman Dies at 98

Dushman suffered severe injuries on three separate occasions during the war and was one of 69 soldiers out of 12,000 in his Red Army division to survive the war.

German Military to Get Chief Rabbi for First Time in 100 Years

Conference of European Rabbis president hails move for sending “a clear message of tolerance and pluralism.” Germany last had a chief military rabbi in World War I.

German Anti-Semitism Czar Wants Ban on Yellow Stars of David in Corona Vaccine Protests

The city of Munich, which had banned wearing a yellow star as a condition in dispensing rally permits.

European Jewry Warns Far-Right Extremism Rising in Germany

"Far-right and neo-Nazi ideology is no longer on the fringes but is growing, and it is not remaining behind screens but is manifesting itself in violence and bloodshed."

Rafael in Process of Acquiring Bankrupt German Drone Manufacturer

Rafael states on its website that it views UAVs as key components in the modern battlefield.

Christian Democrats Pick Anti-BDS Armin Laschet to Succeed Chancellor Merkel

In August 2018, Laschet refused to attend the Ruhrtriennale arts and music festival in his home state because it had not denounced its advocacy of the BDS.

Poles to Mark 78th Anniversary of Warsaw Ghetto Uprising with Sirens, Daffodils

"This is how we want to commemorate the Heroes and draw the attention of residents to this event."

Germany Provides $13.5 Million to Help Holocaust Survivors Get Vaccinated

The new Holocaust Survivor Vaccine Assistance Program is a one-time initiative to offer COVID-19 protection for survivors worldwide.

16 Chassidic Men Detained for Hours in German Airport without Charges

All sixteen men were released eventually without ever being told the reason for their incarceration.

Poles Outraged: Germany Paid Them Only $2.41 Billion in WW2 Reparations

Poland's overall losses reached more than five million citizens, both Jews and gentiles – as much as 17% of the population.

Israel to Sell German Military Its Trophy Tank-Protection System

Trophy protects against a wide variety of anti-tank threats, while also maximizing the vehicle's ability to identify the enemy location.

International Auschwitz Committee Says Germany Lackadaisical in Chasing Nazis

"People must realize that the defeat of the Third Reich in no way signifies the disappearance of the Nazi ideology."


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