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Israel's UN Ambassador Gilad Erdan

Israel’s United Nations Ambassador Gilad Erdan was detained on Tuesday by United Nations security personnel on Tuesday after leaving the UN General Assembly Hall to protest a speech by Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi.

Before walking out together with an Israeli delegation, Erdan walked around the hall holding a large picture of Mahsa Amini, a young woman murdered a year ago by the Iranian regime for not properly covering her hair.


“While the butcher of Tehran is speaking at the UN and is being respected by the international community, hundreds of Iranians are protesting outside, shouting and calling on the international community to wake up and help them,” Erdan said.

“It is a disgrace that member states stay to listen to a mass murderer. It should not be possible for a murderer with blood on his hands to receive a platform here at the UN,” he said. “I left the speech to make it clear that the State of Israel stands by the Iranian people. I call on the international community to stop the madness and prevent murderers and anti-Semites from coming and speaking here at the UN.”

Nevertheless, UN security personnel detained Erdan for walking out — none too gently, with “unacceptable” brutality — the ambassador later told Fox News Digital.

The reasons for his being detained were unclear and Erdan was subsequently released.

“The UN’s lost moral compass was on full display today,” Erdan told Fox News Digital.

“Being detained for standing with the Iranian people and protesting a vile mass murderer who was given an audience on the global stage is utterly disgraceful. It is yet another example of the strong bias Israel suffers at the UN.

“Other ambassadors have previously held signs for ideological reasons, including in recent sessions on the war in Ukraine, with no repercussions. I will not be deterred and will always stand up for what is right and just,” Erdan said.

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