Photo Credit: United Hatzalah
Disabled elderly woman sailing on United Hatzalah’s emergency rescue boat on the Kinneret, May 18, 2023.

Last Thursday, EMTs fulfilled the dream of an elderly bedridden woman by taking her to the Kinneret.

United Hatzalah’s Ten Kavod (Heb. Give Respect) project monitors the health of elderly Israeli and combating their loneliness. One of the beneficiaries has been homebound for the past three years due to her challenging medical condition. One week earlier, during the visit of a Ten Kavod volunteer, she shared her deep desire to visit the Kinneret. The volunteer informed the project’s regional coordinator, the project coordinator passed the request up the chain of command, and it was quickly decided to make the woman’s dream come true.


It took meticulous planning that involved an ambulance team and United Hatzalah’s emergency rescue boat on the Kinneret, as well as medical clearance from the woman’s physician. And last Thursday, the team, comprised of the woman’s relatives, Ten Kavod volunteers, the ambulance team, and esteemed guests, gathered at the woman’s home to make her wish come true.

Their journey began with a visit to a local restaurant, followed by a tour of T’veria. Along the way, they made a stop at the tomb of Rabbi Meir Baal Hanes (who may or may not have been the holy Tana Rabbi Meir whose life was saved by a miracle). And then, the medical team finally took the woman to the Kinneret, where she had the opportunity to enjoy a ride on a genuine United Hatzalah emergency rescue boat on the Kinneret.

The dignitaries included Ya’akov Margi, the Minister of Welfare and Social Affairs; Boaz Yosef, the Mayor of T’veria; Eli Pollack, CEO of United Hatzalah; Lazer Heyman, Vice President of UH Volunteers and Operations; and Yossi Oknin, head of the UH T’veria branch.

Happy sailing!


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